Stellar Data Recovery for Tape | DIY Software to Recover Inaccessible Tape Data

Stellar Data Recovery for Tape, is a powerful LTO tape recovery software for old or corrupt tape media that is detected by computers. The new version scans and recovers data from BKF, TAR, CPIO & TSM archive images. The software is the best tool to read and move your tape data to disk.

Tapes are a commonly used storage medium in various industries, including backup and archival systems, and sometimes, these tapes may get damaged or corrupted, leading to data loss. This data recovery software uses advanced algorithms to scan the tapes for recoverable data and can retrieve lost or inaccessible data from damaged or corrupted tapes.

With Stellar Data Recovery for Tape, you can recover various types of data, including files, folders, emails, and databases. The software supports a range of operating systems and file systems and can recover data from both single and multiple tape drives.

Tape Data Recovery Software

LTO Tape Data Recovery Software Key Features:

1. LTO Tape Recovery:

Recovers from all generations and capacities of LTO tape media including LTO 8, LTO 7, LTO 6, LTO 5, and others.

2. Recover All Types of Data:

Recovers all types of data files stored in tape including documents, images, videos, audio, emails, database files, Internet files, and more.

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3. Support for BKF, TAR, and CPIO Archive Images:

The powerful software supports multiple tape data parsers like Veritas, Symantec, Windows NT, TAR, CPIO & Tivoli Server Manager(BA Client) parsers.

4. Recover Data From All Makes & Models:

Recover your archived or backup data from tape drives of all makes and models including from IBM, HP, Quantum, Oracle, and others.

5. Recovers Data With Original Date:

Retrieves files and folders from tape media in readable form along with their original creation/ modified date and timestamp.

6. Preview Recoverable Tape Data:

Displays the preview of recoverable tape data including MS Office files, images, videos, etc., which helps to verify the data before saving.

7. Quick & User-Friendly:

Straightforward and user-friendly GUI helps to recover data quickly in three steps – Create Image, Load Image & Scan, and Preview & Save.

8. Multiple Options To Save Data:

Allows saving the recovered tape data at a default destination or other desired location on your computer/ external drive.

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Key Benefits:

  • Simple & Powerful: User-friendly software enables effortless tape data recovery.
  • Comprehensive LTO Recovery: One-stop solution for LTO tapes recovery, regardless of capacity or speed.
  • Best-in-Class Value: Offers best value with helpful features, 24×5 customer support, & trusted brand.

Download Details:

File Name: Stellar Data Recovery for Tape

Download Size: 250 MB

OS: Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, and Windows 11

License: Paid

Language: English

Publisher: Stellar Information Technology Pvt. Ltd.

Official Website:

Version: v

Category: System Utility

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