Download TeamViewer for Windows PC

With TeamViewer you can easily control the PC of a partner directly over the internet all over the world. With Team Viewer program you can connect with another person’s computer within seconds.

Once you downloaded and installed the application you will receive your key and password. Without ID and password you are not allowing to access your partner’s PC.

Team Viewer must be installed for remote control or screen sharing. To allow remote control, you need to tell your partner your ID and your password to connect to the PC. To control remote computer enter your partner’s ID in order to control the remote computer.

Remote maintenance of PCs over the Internet is no longer a big problem thanks to TeamViewer. Sharing desktop, working with team or exchanging confidential files, license key and data is no risk due to secure and well-protected data channels.

This is one of the most useful applications for much small and corporate business, tech support, training management, foreign language center, etc. You can easily assist anybody from anywhere, anytime as per your convenient.

More than 200 million users trust TeamViewer application. Commercial users are welcome to use these software for trial purposes. Team Viewer software is free for all non-commercial users. Download TeamViewer for Windows PC.

Open multiple sessions in tabs just like the browser open all other monitors belonging in a separate tabs. open tabs will ready to flash when any new activity occurs such as new chat, voice call or a video call.

If your clients uses any windows or Mac OS not a big deal. TeamViewer is optimized for all Windows and Mac operating systems. Copy your data, files, pictures, screenshot and content.

Download TeamViewer Windows PC

How to Use TeamViewer:

• Download the latest free version app.
• Install the setup to your Windows PC/laptop.
• Open the program.
• You will see two important parameters your ID and your Password.
• Send the user ID and password to give remote screen control.
• Or enter partner’s user ID and password to control remote PC.

Download TeamViewer for Windows PC

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