Download Tetris Game for Windows PC (Free Puzzle Game)

Tetris puzzle game is one of the few classic games that achieve huge popularity. The purpose of the game is to fill as many horizontal lines as possible. When a line is filled it disappears and all of the blocks above it shift down.

It is very simple, yet very difficult. It’s been played on every computer and game console and has sold millions of copies across the world. Tetris is the most played category of kid’s game. Use your keyboard arrow keys to rotate, move, and drop the bricks.

In this game, the player has to set these blocks in the way so that they can make a complete line. When the line is complete the wall is minimized and you have more space for new blocks. Otherwise, the blocks emerged and the player loses.

You can choose the skill level from easy to difficult starting from one to ten. Use the suitable keyboard controls to move, rotate and drop the brick either left or right. You can play, pause and resume the game easily. Download & play the original Tetris game on any Microsoft Windows PC for free.

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Tetris PC Game

Tetris Scoring:

Points are scored every time a line or several lines disappear. If you used a ‘drop’ key and the block made lines disappear, you will receive more points, depending on how far the block fell. Also, the more lines disappear at the same time, the more points are awarded.

If 1 line disappears you get 1 point; if 2 lines disappear you get 2 points per line for a total of 4 points; if 3 lines disappear you get 3 points per line for a total of 9 points; and 16 points for 4 disappearing lines.

The score is kept in the caption bar. There are two separate numbers one on the right is your current score and the one on the left is your current speed level.

The speed level increases every time 50 blocks have been dropped. You can also start with a higher speed by choosing the appropriate level at the beginning of the game.

Using the piece preview command from the options menu dramatically lowers the score value of every piece. It is a helpful learning tool, but once you have gained experience, you should turn this command off.

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You can earn bonus points by removing multiple rows of blocks simultaneously. Download and install the Tetris classic game which is compatible with all versions of the Microsoft Windows operating system from XP to Vista, 7, 8 & 8.1, 10, or Windows 11 PC.

Tetris Game for PC

How to Play Tetris Classic Game on Windows PC?

Key Action:Action:
UP Arrow or Number 8 KeyRotates the current piece counterclockwise
Number 5 KeyRotates the current piece clockwise
Left Arrow or Number 4 KeyMoves the current piece left
Right Arrow or Number 6 KeyMoves the current piece right
Down Arrow or Number 2 Key or SpaceDrops the current piece to the bottom
ESCTo minimizes the window
F1Opens the Help Index
F2Starts a new game
F3Pauses or resumes the game

Tetris PC Game Tips & Tricks:

• You can increase your current speed level by pressing “Ctrl+F”. And you can decrease your current speed level by pressing “Ctrl+S”.

• You cannot slow down below your starting level; thus, if you started at speed level 5 and are currently playing at level seven, the lowest speed level that you can go to is 5.

• For a more challenging game, you can choose to have some lines filled when the game starts.

• The number of pre-filled lines can be chosen from the scoreboard dialog.

• You can restart the game by pressing “Ctrl+N”, at this point, you will get a list of the top ten scores and can choose a different speed level and starting number of lines filled.

• The game terminates when there is no more room for falling blocks.

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Download Details:

File Name: Tetris Classic Game

Download Size: 799 KB

File Type: .Exe

OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, and Windows 11

License: Free Download

Publisher: Crystal Office Systems

Language: English

Version: 1.71

Ratings: Good

Category: Old Arcade Video Games

Download Tetris Game for Windows PC

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