Download Time Crisis Arcade Game for Windows PC

Time crisis, the exciting arcade shooting game originally builds for PlayStation game console is now available for any Windows PC. Download time crisis project titan PCX file and start playing on any Microsoft Windows PC including Windows XP, 7, Vista, 8, 8.1 and the latest Windows 10.

Just like the real arcade machine, players can shoot and duck for cover. In addition, an original “Special Stage” has been added which is not available in the arcade version.

With the bundled “Guncon” all the excitement of Time Crisis project titan now hits home. It is necessary to adjust the Guncon with “Guncon Adjustment” screen before starting the game.

Without adjustment, the Gun site will be off-target during game play. Once the time crisis game has started, you can still adjust the Guncon by pausing and selecting the option menu.

The time crisis arcade version has two types of modes: Story Mode and Time Attack Mode. To select, aim at one of the modes with Guncon and shoot. You can customize the button configuration for your controller.

Use Up and down. Use the left and right arrow key to select, and the X button when down. Use the left and right arrow key to select the game mode Time Attack or Study Mode.

Story Mode: This mode consists of three stages. Each stage has four areas. If you survive through the first three areas and defeat the boss, then you clear the stage. You will finish the whole time crisis game and see an ending after clearing all three stages.

Although the game will end if you run out of time or lose all your lives, you can still continue as long as you have credits left. To play an easier level, shoot outside the screen once on the mode select screen. The game will automatically switch to Easy mode.

Time Attack Mode: Choose one of the three stages in this mode. You objective is to clear each stage as quickly as possible. The section time is recorded during each game. There is no limit on the number of lives in this mode. However, the game is over when the time reaches zero. If you achieve a score high enough to be ranked, you can enter your name.

Download Time Crisis Game for PC

Time Crisis Arcade Game Features:

There are total four features available in time crisis II game. They consist of button configurations, saving and loading with the memory card, screen adjustment, and Guncon adjustment. To select one, aim at the option and shoot. To cancel, press A key or Z key.

Gubcon Calibration: Adjust the aim on your Guncon. Calibration can only be performed of the Guncon is properly inserted. When you start the game, the Guncon Adjustment” screen appears, you must adjust the Guncon on this screen.

Button Configuration: Customize the button configuration for your controller. Configure the buttons and reload options. On button configuration, you can change and reload button and the pause button. On reload configurations, you can change the button to reload with either the button released or being pressed.

Screen Adjust: Adjust the position of screen display. Adjust the position of screen display. The display position of the screen may be off depending on the Monitor. To fix this, shoot the arrow displayed on the screen (up and down, right and left) to adjust.

Memory Card: Save your best time or load previous records. Save and load during the game. For example, you can save your game ranking.

Time Crisis Arcade Game Controller:

• Left Arrow Key – Left Direction
• Right Arrow Key – Right Direction
• Up Arrow Key – Upper Direction
• Down Arrow Key – Lower Direction
• Space Key – Reload
• A Key – Move
• S Key – Fire
• Z Key – Move
• S Key – Move

File Name: Time Crisis Arcade Game (Project Titan)

Download Size: 29.3 MB

File Type: PSX File

OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10

License: Free Download

Language: English

Publisher: Namco Limited

Category: Arcade Game

Download Time Crisis Arcade Game for Windows PC

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