How to Make a Time-lapse Video with DSLR, Android, & iPhone?

Ever wondered how time-lapse videos are made? There is no denying that time-lapse videos are pleasing and even calming to a certain extent. They are considered to be one of the best filming genres of all time.

If you have wondered how you can make your own time-lapse video, then you are at the right place. Today, we are going to brief you on the process of making a time-lapse video in different ways.

Time-lapse videos have become immensely popular and get a lot of attention on social media applications such as Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and even YouTube.

If you love creating films, and capturing precious moments often then you must not miss out on making a time-lapse.

It will allow us to witness the life and our surroundings from a different perspective. However, making a perfect time-lapse video does not take a lot of struggle or effort.

Here is how you can make timelapse on any device?

All you have to know is the device or gear you will be using to capture the video and the other relevant settings such as the timer and duration.

Time-Lapse videos are great to create montages, workout sets, and other films with ease. You can make a beautiful timelapse video with a simple android phone, DSLR camera, and even via an iPhone.

A time-lapse video will capture video at a slow frame rate. The regular video takes up to more than 25 frames per second. Before you get into making a video, you should be clear about the subject you want to capture and the device you are going to use.

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You can record a time-lapse video by making sure you know the duration of the video and then choose the subject carefully. In general, anything or any movement can lead to creating a fun and engaging video.

The video did not need to be attached to another video or to a story. You can straight away post a time-lapse video and the video will speak for itself.

How to Make a Time-lapse Video

1) How to Make a Time-lapse Video with Nikon / Canon DSLR?

If you are looking towards making a classic and professional time-lapse video, you must go for a DSLR camera. The camera will let you capture pictures for a longer exposure and also create a motion blur. If you want to capture long videos, you will have to edit them at some point and that might require a lot of effort.

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  • Set up your camera in such a way that the camera doesn’t shake and the video stays still as well as in HD quality.
  • Apply the manual exposure for better capture and click on start.
  • Use the slower-shutter speed to create a better motion-blur effect.
  • After you capture all the stills, import them and then stitch them together.
  • Your video is ready!

how to make time lapse video with phone

2) How to Make a Time-lapse Video with iPhone/Android Phone:

Almost every smartphone comes with incredible features, filters, and tools. The smartphone is an amazing device to capture time-lapse videos by using mobility, minimizing equipment, and will allow you to capture beautiful videos at an affordable rate.

You can use any Android smartphone or an iPhone to create amazing videos. Here is how you can create a timelapse with a few simple steps via an iPhone:

  • If you have an iPhone 8 or above, then all you have to do is tap on the camera and swipe to click on the time-lapse option.
  • You can choose between the landscape and the portrait option based on the subject of your capture.
  • You must consider using a tripod to capture a time-lapse video from the landscape option.
  • After you finish recording, you will find the video in your camera roll.

You can edit or trim it as you wish as well as attach some filters or use adjustment tools to make it look appealing.

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You can also use a wide range of applications to make such videos. Here are a few applications that will help you create incredible time-lapse with ease:

  • Lapse It
  • Lapse It Pro
  • Framelapse
  • Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile

The video we watch on YouTube will usually playback at 25, 30, 50, and 60 frames per second, but a time-lapse is when we shoot frames at much slower intervals, like one frame per second, and play them back at 30 or 60 frames per second.

The resulting fast motion means that even the slightest change in camera position, focus, or exposure, can ruin the effect, the simplest way to capture a time-lapse is to shoot a regular video for a long time and speed it up.

Isn’t that easy? Now try your hand at creating aesthetically pleasing videos and enjoy looking at life from a different perspective with a major sweep!

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