5 Best Ways to Find Spy Camera in any Hotel Rooms!

All you have to do is explore the area and pay attention to your surroundings. You can detect spy cameras at Smoke detectors, Electrical outlets, Books, Desk plants, Wall sockets, Clocks, Clothes hooks, etc.

1. Quick Navigation of your surroundings:

2.Use your phone to find spy cameras:

You can use your smartphone to locate spy cameras. Just talk to anybody's on your phone and navigate the entire space if your phone start buzzing or clicking then stop there and check the place thoroughly.

3. Camera Detector App:

Download & install any Camera Detector App from the Playstore, launch the app and scan the gadget you are unsure of. This app examines the magnetic activity surrounding the gadget. The app will beep and sound an alert for you so that you can look into it more.

Another easy approach that takes only a few seconds to locate hidden cameras is to use flashlights. Switch off the room's lights and move the flashlight around the space. If you see any reflected lights, especially in the direction of suspected locations, there's certainly a hidden camera there.

4. Using Flashlight?

5. Check 2 Way Mirror:

This simple yet effective method can be used to identify spy cameras or two-way mirrors. Simply place your fingernail on the mirror and note the space that appears between it and the glass. There's a good possibility there's a hidden camera there if your finger reaches from tip to tip. On the other hand, it is a genuine mirror if there is a space between your finger and the mirror.

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