5 Major Risks that Threaten your Kids Online!

#1 Phishing:

Phishing is when cyber criminals send you an email or direct message with a warning change your password or validate your account or your account will be blocked. Teach your kids to never click a link in an email or text message to confirm their password.

#2 Malware:

Malware is short for malicious software it's designed to access your passwords, destroy computers or hold your computer information for ransom. Malware is easily downloaded in games make sure your kids purchase games & upgrades only from official websites to make sure they have an authorized version.

#3 Cyber Bullying:

Chatting on social media & gaming sites connects your child to lots of people including cyber bullies. Cyber bullies target victims with hurtful even harmful messages they do things to ruin games for other players. Empower your kids by teaching them to immediately block chats and messages from bullies show them how to take a screenshot of bullying in a game chat and use it to report a bully's username and bad behavior to game admin.

#4 Sharing Personal Information:

Sharing personal information online can lead to your kids accounts being hacked login credentials & account information should not be shared even with real-life friends set up 2-factor authentication for your kids accounts.

#5 Cyber Predators:

These days sexual & other predators often stalk kids on the internet, taking advantage of their innocence. This can culminate in children being lured into dangerous personal encounters. These predators lurk on social media and gaming platforms that appeal to children.

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