7 World's Fastest Supercomputers in the World


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1. HP Frontier:

Cost: $600 Million

The biggest supercomputer in the world in terms of performance is Frontier, the world’s first exascale computer. Frontier has a total of 8,730,112 cores, it occupies 74, 48cm rack cabinets for a total floor area of 680 square mtrs & uses almost 150 kms of cable.

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2. Fujitsu Fugaku:

Cost: $1 Billion

Both the world’s fastest & largest computer until 2022, Fugaku was designed to solve the world’s biggest problems. It is located at the RIKEN Center for Computational Science in Japan and has a total of 7,630,848 cores. It weighs around 700 tons.

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Cost: €144.5 Million

LUMI is the fastest supercomputer in Europe and the 3rd fastest globally. LUMI’s computing power is equivalent to the combined performance of 1.5 million of the latest laptop computers.

Image: lumi-supercomputer.eu

4. IBM Summit:

Cost: $325 million

Like Frontier, the biggest supercomputer in the world, Summit is located at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory and held the title of world’s fastest supercomputer from November 2018 to June 2020.

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5. Sunway TaihuLight:

Cost: $273 Million

The Chinese-built Sunway TaihuLight, with 10,649,600 cores, was the largest computer in the world for 2 years before Summit was built. It is located at the National Supercomputer Centre in China’s Jiangsu Province.

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6. Selene:

Cost: $85 Million

Selene is a supercomputer developed by Nvidia, capable of achieving 63.460 petaflops, ranking as the 5 fastest supercomputer in the world, when it entered the list. Google also used Selene to train its natural language processing model BERT.

Image: Nvidia

7. Tianhe-2A

Cost: $390 Million

Tianhe-2A was the world's fastest supercomputer according to the TOP500 lists for June 2013. The record was surpassed in June 2016 by the Sunway TaihuLight. This supercomputer is equipped with over 18 million cores and 2,277,376 GB of memory.

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