8 New Features Added to Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Mobile!

Explore the vast spectrum of zoom capabilities with AI Zoom, taking you from breathtaking panoramic views to intricate details. Effortlessly transition from 1x to 100x zoom, with AI enhancing the clarity at every step.

1. Digital Zoom: 

2. Low-light Zoom:

Embrace the nightlife with Low-light Zoom, as Space Zoom immerses you in the midst of action, even after sunset. Larger pixels and an extended Tele OIS ensure brighter and more stable photos and videos, transforming distant subjects into vivid masterpieces.

3. Super HDR:

Experience the magic of Super HDR with the latest upgrade, providing real-time previews that mirror the final capture. Instantly visualize the vibrancy of your photos and videos before snapping them, even when using social media app cameras.

4. Resize or Retouch:

Refine your images with Resize or Retouch, powered by AI. Easily edit photos by relocating objects and intelligently filling the gaps, ensuring your final result matches your vision.

5. Circle it, find it:

Introducing Circle to Search, a novel way to explore while scrolling through your favorite social network. Simply use your S Pen or finger to circle an item, and get instant Google Search results.

6. Live Translate:

Break language barriers with Live Translate, offering real-time interpretation during phone calls and messaging. Respond in your language, and let Live Translate seamlessly convey your message to the recipient.

7. Chat Assist:

Let Chat Assist take the lead in composing text messages. Express yourself with the voice of a professional, a close friend, or a polite tone, all guided by AI for effective communication.

8. Note Assist:

Streamline your note-taking with Note Assist. Whether you're typing or jotting down ideas, start writing, and let Note Assist transform it into a concise, easy-to-review summary later on.

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