Lightfall is an ambitious new expansion that represents the penultimate chapter in Destiny’s epic Light and Dark saga.

Destiny 2 players who have reached Guardian Rank 6 now have access to all armor mods. The mod system has been made more accessible for everyone, so you can quickly transform your guardian into a monster slaying machine.

Hunter: Threadrunner: Threadrunners are masters of movement. These agile and acrobatic warriors harness Strand into dart-like projectiles, utilizing the Darkness to boost their traversal and transform the terrain into their playground.

Titan: Berserker: The Berserker sees Strand at its most wild and primal. These hulking behemoths transform Strand energy into deadly, blade-like claws, molding themselves into devastating weapons of war.

Warlock: Broodweaver: Broodweavers manipulate the deadly power of Strand using their mind. These telekinetic sorcerers can even use Strand to summon sentient creatures or unleash barrages of Strand missiles.

Play at your own pace: There are a lot of different playstyles and it's easy to get caught up in the rush and excitement of Seasonal launches, but don't feel like you have to zip through content. Take your time and find your own playstyle.

Equip the Seasonal Artifact: The Seasonal Artifact is your key to unlocking powerful mods for your weapons and armor. Earn XP as you play to get bonuses that increase your Power alongside your armor mods and abilities. 

Get the app: Download the Destiny Companion app to manage your gear and bounties, find Guardians for your fireteam, and keep track of all the latest news about the game.

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