What are the Main Differences Between Android TV and Google TV?

1. User Interface:

On the Android TV interface, you'll find rows of apps and streaming platforms neatly organized. Plus, there's a cool 'Discover' tab that gives you personalized content suggestions. With Google TV, things get even smarter! It uses fancy tech like machine learning, Google Assistant, and Google's Knowledge Graph to figure out what you like to watch and tailor your home screen just for you.

2. Remote Access:

Losing the remote can be a hassle, right? Well, with Android TV, if you misplace the remote, you can access the on-screen keyboard on these TVs usually requires that physical remote. However,  To access the Google TV app, you can turn your Android smartphone into a remote control.

3. Live TV:

When it comes to live content, Android TV has options like YouTube, Sony TV, Hotstar, and more. On Google TV tt has a dedicated Live TV tab just for this! Open it up, and you'll find a comprehensive channel guide showing what's airing on various live sources.

4. Smart Home Devices:

If you've got a Google Home device as part of your smart home setup, you'll definitely want to get Google TV up and running. Why? Because it opens up a whole new world of compatibility with your smart home gadgets. You can simply use your voice to switch on the TV, adjust the volume, and more.

5. Parental Controls:

With Google TV you get more flexibility with user profiles and parental controls compared to Android TV. Google TV allows multiple user profiles, including ones specifically for kids under a single adult's Google account. Each profile gets personalized recommendations tailored to their tastes. When it comes to content restrictions, Android TV relies on system-wide parental settings, while Google TV offers more granular control.

6. Price:

While Android TV is available in all price ranges. On the other hand Google TV is only available in selected Sony and TCL models of the higher price range.

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