8 Important Features of Apple Watch Everyone Should Know!

1. Heart Health

Apple watch shows you notification for high and low heart rate, and irregular rhythm. Steps to turn on heart health notifications: • Open the apple watch app on your iPhone. • Scroll down and tap heart. • Tap here to set up irregular rhythm notification. • Scroll down to set high and low heart rate notifications.

2.Electrocardigraphy (ECG)

Through Apple Watch Series 4, you can take your ECG direct through your wrist. Steps to take ECG: • Open the ECG app on your watch. • Watch says "Hold your finger on the crown". • Hold for 30 seconds. • Scroll down for a summary and next steps.

3. Start a workout

Instantly begin your workout with just a few taps on your Apple watch and keep track of it. Steps to start a workout: • Open the workout app on your Apple watch. • Choose a workout. • Click on three dots to set a goal or just click on the wokrkout to begin. • Swipe right to stop the workout. • Scroll down for Summary.

4. Customize your workout metrics

Through Apple watch, you have the flexibility to customize the order and selection of workout metrics. Steps to customize your workout metrics: • Open the Apple watch app on your iPhone. • Select workout. • Then tap workout view. • Now, select a workout and tap edit.

5. Set a goal for your run

You can choose from 4 different types of goals for your run and add pace alerts for outdoor runs in Apple watch. Steps to set for a goal for your run: • Open the workout app on your watch. • Find a running workout. • Then tap on the three dots. • You can choose the type of goal you want. • For an outdoor run you can also set a pace alert.

6. Change your Move goal

Establish an achievable daily calorie target, and once achieved, raise the goal to a higher level on your Apple watch. Steps to change your move goal: • Open the activity app on your Apple watch. • Press firmly on the display. • Tap "Change move goal" • Turn the Digital Crown to change your goal.

7. View your Activity rings

Utilize the Activity app on your Apple Watch to effortlessly monitor your daily movements in various activities. Steps to view your activity rings: • Open the activity app on your Apple watch. • Scroll down to see your move, exercise and stand stats • Scroll down further to see total steps, distance, flights climbed.

8. Start an Activity Competition

Stay inspired by engaging in a 7-day head-to-head Activity competition with a friend using your Apple Watch. • Open the activity app on your Apple watch. • Swipe left and choose a friend. • Scroll down and tap "Compete".

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