iOS 17.3 is out!! Checkout it's Amazing Features

Apple relaesed a major update to the iOS operating system, iOS 17.3, on 22nd Jan 2023. With it's new iOS, is few new features. To acquire the update, navigate to Settings > General > Software Update, select Install Now, and proceed by following the onscreen instructions.

1. Stolen Device Protection

Most amazing feature update on iOS 17.3 is the stolen device protection, it protects your privacy whenever your mobile gets stolen and your passcode is known to that person. Enable the option in your settings under Face ID and Passcode. Once the feature is enabled, no can change the iPhone's passcode, Apple ID Passowrd or steal money through Apple Pay.

2. Music Collaborative Playlist

Now, easily share your playlist with your friends. Share your playlist via whatsapp or any other platform or share the QR Code. You would have to approve the person to join the playlist. Your friends can also songs on the playlist and you get to react to the song with super cool emojis.

Image credit: The Apple Post

3. AirPlay in Hotels

AirPlay allows you to connect your iPhone to TVs in Hotel rooms easily via QR Code. No more chromecast or hardwiring now. Not much Hotels are updated to it yet but LG TVs have already launch Airplay.

Image Credit: BGR

4. Unity Bloom Wallpaper

To commemorate Black History Month, iOS 17.3 introduces a fresh wallpaper named Unity Bloom, available for all iPhones. There are different colour variants to choose. Just swipe right to change the colours.

Image Credit: MacStories

5. Crash Detection

No complaints about false alerts of crash anymore. Crash detection optimizations has done for all iPhone 14 and iPhone 15 models. False crash detection alerts will be reduced.

6. More of your devices shown in Apple Warranty

Earlier, only devices with active warranty and those connected to the phone at the time were shown. But, with iOS 17.3, all devices logged in with your Apple ID is visible. The oldest one to the newest one.

7. Bugs Fixed

There has been various complaints on App libraby Bug. Whenever you get into App Library section and get back on your home screen and again into App library, your iPhone freezes. This bug has been improved and iPhone functions completely smooth.

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