iPad Hacks You Didn't Know!



Stage Manager is a great feature for multitasking, it creates an ideal workspace on your iPad. To enable stage manager, open control centre. tap the stage manager icon, tap "turn on stage manager" and get started. Open an app and resize the window and then choose another app from the dock or recent app libraby.

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Drag and Drop

Text Between Apps

Use Split View or Slide Over to open the two apps. Select the text you want, long press on it, the text slightly lifts off the screen, drag to where you want to place it and drop. This amazing feature works on photos, files and text.



You can collect multiple photos at time and place them in other app. Use the split view option, touch and hold one image, drag it slightly, continue to hold it, use your another finger and tap other images you want. A badge indicates the number of selected items. The option works with files also.



Apple pencil does some amazing stuffs. You can just use your Apple pencil to write in any text box such as in youtube's searchbar. Wants to erase the text? Just scribble the text with your Apple pencil. You want have to use the keyboard. This is very useful, when you are writing down your notes and you don't have keep your pencil down to type in searchbars.

Use a Mouse and Keyboard

With Your iPad

There is this another great point of iPad, where it is compatibility with external accessories. Your iPad can turn into mini laptop, by connecting it with keyboard and mouse via bluetooth. This enhances your productivity and save lots of time.


You can add mouse to your ipad but how about adding your ipad to your computer? Yes, this is completely possible. Your iPad can turn into a second or third or even fourth screen. It can connect to Mac or even android.

If you're using a Mac running macOS Catalina or later, you'll find this functionality labeled as SideCar. It's accessible either via USB connection or wirelessly, provided both devices are signed into the same Apple ID and have AirPlay enabled. However, for android, a third party app is required.

Find Your Focus

Want to maintane your focus just on your studies or work? iPad has this amazing feature called "Find Your Focus". This options silence everything else happening on the device, including notifications. To enable it, Go to Settings > Focus and pick Personal, Sleep, or Work, then choose which app or people can access during that time.

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