The 7 Best Meta Quest 3 VR Headset New Features!

1. Breathtaking Visuals:

The Meta Quest 3 boasts an astounding resolution of 2064 x 2208 pixels per eye, making for some very amazing sights. Compared to the previous generation, the display offers a significant improvement in visual clarity and stunning graphics that you have to see to believe.

2. Breakthrough Mixed Reality:

You can turn the physical environment into an interactive experience with the Meta Quest 3’s groundbreaking mixed reality features. It's possible to bring to life your favorite video game characters in your living room.

3. Snapdragon XR2 Gen 2 Processor:

The Snapdragon XR2 Gen 2 Platform is the brains behind the Meta Quest 3. The purpose of this processor is to enable cutting-edge mixed reality and virtual reality experiences that transport you to the edge of the digital realm.

4. Redesigned Lenses and Lightweight:

With its new design, the Meta Quest 3 is now more lightweight, thin, and comfortable to use for extended periods of time. Compared to the Meta Quest 2, it features an optic profile that is 40% thinner.

5. Immersive 3D Audio:

Immersion 3D audio in The Meta Quest 3 satisfies your senses by giving you the impression that you're a part of the action. You may even set up your own home theater or turn your living room into a music venue.

6. Shift from Virtual World to Real World:

To go from the virtual to the physical world, double touch the side of your headset gently. This will take you from the virtual to the real world.

7. Now Launch Games and Apps from your Phone:

To make games and apps ready to play when you put on your headset, you can launch them from your phone. Open the Quest app on your phone to accomplish this. Choose the desired app or game by clicking on My Library. When you click launch, the game ought to be prepared for play when you put on your headset.

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