A thorough guide that covers all you need to know, from creating special equipment and maximizing friend efficiency to catching a variety of friends, getting your first flying ride, and defeating bosses to earn Ancient Technology Points.

1. The Right Pal for the Job:

To maximize your friends' success at your base, pick them carefully. Every friend has certain things they can do on their own. Make sure they can use the facilities you've created, such mining for wood at your logging camp, managing items at your ranch, or lighting a furnace, by reading their descriptions.

2. Path Assistance for Pals:

Friends can be a little awkward at times. Remove and respawn them at your base to keep them from starving to death or becoming stuck on any terrain. Construct stairs, floors, and barriers to direct them and prevent drift-offs. Make sure your friends are navigating your base with ease by keeping a watch on them.

3.Organizing Your Resources:

In Palworld, storage management is essential. Stuff might weigh you down, so make effective use of the barrels and shelves at your base to store supplies. Objects stack infinitely, which facilitates organizing. For efficient material management, place storage boxes in a strategic location close to generators, such as stone pits and logging camps.

4. You Can Catch Bosses and People:

Pal Spheres are surprisingly effective on nearly anything. Whether facing human or boss creatures, carefully deploy Pal Spheres to create strong friends. Indeed, you can include Merchants in your squad. Use your imagination to grow your celebration in novel ways.

5. You Will Need More Ore:

Although mining ore can take a long time, it is an essential resource for crafting. For simpler access, locate your base next to an ore spawn. If you didn't realize this, get ready for a lot more mineral mining excursions. The secret to crafting necessities in Palworld is effective ore management.

6. Pals Level Up at Your Base or in Your Party:

All of your friends can level up even if they aren't engaged in combat. While party members continuously acquire experience from combat and exploration, base friends earn experience by doing jobs. Make use of open party slots or station friends at your base so they can strengthen with your primary team.

7. Craft Pal Gear:

Pal Gear Workbench: Learn about Pal Gear's flexibility. Give each friend in your group specialized equipment to improve their skills. Once obtained, Pal Gear instantly fits the matching friend, opening up thrilling possibilities like riding Rushoar or utilizing Foxparks as a flamethrower. Make sure your friends are prepared for anything!

8. Catch More Pals:

Increase the number of your cool friends instead of settling with just one! Reward yourself with experience boosts by consistently catching new friends when you capture multiples of the same sort. In addition to the experience bonus, you may discover friends that possess special passive skills that make them excellent collaborators or partners.

9. Nitewing: Your First Flying Mount:

To obtain your first flying mount, catch the Nitewing friend in the starting area. As you soar above the skies, discover new opportunities that will greatly enhance your exploration and capacity-building in Palworld.

10. Beat Bosses:

Even if Palworld doesn't have a clear plot, your main priorities should be boss defeat and base construction. You will receive Ancient Technology Points for defeating each boss, which you can use to purchase expensive goods like egg incubators. Take on the task of defeating every boss and reaching the game's full potential to fully explore Palworld.

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