Discover 7 Essential Chrome Features for iOS Users!

By: Seher | 26-02-2024

Google Chrome on iOS provides seamless integration with Google services, robust security features, and convenient cross-device synchronization. With added functionalities like Google Lens integration and AI-powered address detection, it offers a versatile and reliable browsing experience tailored to mobile users' needs.

Google services:

Retrieve information on multiple devices!

When logged into Chrome with your Google Account, you can conveniently reach crucial data — such as stored passwords, payment info, autofill data, bookmarks, and tabs — on all your devices. This means you can seamlessly transition between your iPhone, iPad, MacBook, or Windows PC and effortlessly access the information you require.

Sign in seamlessly::

Google Password Manager within Chrome assists you in swiftly and securely logging into websites and iOS applications. It offers suggestions for robust and secure passwords and securely stores them in a single protected location.

Ensure your safety:

Enhanced protection represents the highest level of defense against hazardous websites within Chrome's Safe Browsing feature. When activated on your iPhone or iPad, this feature utilizes real-time threat intelligence to preemptively alert you to potentially harmful webpages.

Search with your camera:

Using Google Lens in Chrome, you have the capability to search with images for tasks such as identifying plants and animals, finding specific outfits, receiving assistance with homework, and much more. To utilize Lens in Chrome on iOS, simply long-press an image while browsing.

Translate webpages:

Imagine you're intending to visit a museum in France, yet the website is entirely in French and you're not fluent in the language. Chrome will promptly suggest translating the website into your preferred language or one of over 100 other options.

View an address on the map:

When encountering an address in Chrome on iOS, there's no longer a need to switch apps to locate it on a map. Chrome now employs AI to identify addresses on webpages. Simply press and hold on a detected address, and you'll be presented with the option to view it on a mini Google Maps directly within Chrome.

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