Must Know Tips and Tricks of Siri



Your iPhone got dimmer and can't see the screen? Siri is at your service.Just call out to Siri and say "Make the screen brighter” or “Make the screen dimmer” or "Set my screen brightness to 100". Similarly, you can adjust your volume.

Whenever you are out and about and you hear a song but doesn't know the song name or who sang it. Ask Siri. Call out to siri and say "What song is this?". Siri will identify the song for you and bring out it's details.

Identify the song


Siri can translate for you, at your tips. Whether, you are travelling or just trying to communicate with a foreigner. Ask Siri. Call out to Siri and begin your request with "How do you say" and speak out the phrase you want to translate and include in whatever language you want to translate, at the end.




Using Siri is like performing magic spells with your iPhone! You can say "Lux" to turn on the flashlight, "Nox" to turn it off, and "Accio" to summon a specific app. And if you're a big fan, you can even customize your iPhone to do your own magical spells, like increasing the volume, locating your friends, or changing the text size. It's like having your own wizarding world at your fingertips!

Find your Apple Products

Can't find one of your Apple products, no worries!! Ask Siri. Simply tell Siri "find my [device]," and if it's close by and connected to the internet, it will start making a sound. If it's not online at the moment, the sound will play as soon as the device reconnects. This feature is available on any device supported by "Find My".

Find  Emails

Too many emails and can't find the one you are searching  for or too busy to type and search for an email. Ask Siri. Siri can quickly get you a list of emails from a specific contact or regarding a particular subject. You can only search by contact and subject line, not by the body of email.

Replay Video with Subtitles

If you happen to miss a line while watching a movie or TV show on Apple TV, you can simply ask Siri, "What did they say?" This will rewind the content by 15 seconds and activate subtitles for that duration. Keep in mind that this feature appears to be exclusive to the TV app.


Whenever you find yourself busy in something and an important call comes, what you gonna do? Ask Siri. Siri will help you recive calls or disconnect them. Simply say "Hey Siri, answer the call" or "Hey Siri, call [contact name]." And "Hang up" to disconnect the call. Unlike the other Siri commands, you have to enable call hangups in the settings.