Download Windows 10 All Shortcuts Keys List PDF

Windows 10 shortcut keys are combinations of keys that allow users to perform specific tasks quickly and easily. These shortcut keys can help increase productivity and efficiency by eliminating the need to navigate through menus and use the mouse.

Shortcut keys can be used to perform a variety of tasks such as opening apps, shutdown, switching between apps, taking screenshots, copying and pasting, and more. Some of the most common shortcut keys in Windows 10 include the Windows key, Ctrl key, Alt key, and function keys.

Windows 10 also allows users to create their own custom keyboard shortcuts for frequently used commands or actions. To do this, users can go to Settings > Devices > Keyboard and then click on the “Add a keyboard shortcut” button.

Overall, using shortcut keys in Windows 10 can save time and make tasks easier and more efficient. It’s worth taking some time to learn and use them regularly to get the most out of your Windows 10 experience. There are many more keyboard shortcuts available in Windows 10 you can download the PDF for the full list. 

Windows 10 Shortcuts Keys PDF

Windows 10 Shortcut Keys List:

Shortcut Keys:Action:
Win + DShow desktop
Win + EOpen File Explorer
Win + IOpen Settings
Win + LLock your PC/ Laptop
Win + ROpen the Run dialog box
Win + SOpen search bar
Win + XOpen the Quick Link menu
Ctrl + CCopy selected item(s)
Ctrl + VPaste selected item(s)
Windows logo key + Shift + STo take a partial screenshot
Ctrl + ZUndo an action
Windows logo key + TabOpen Task view
Ctrl + ASelect all items in a document or window
Windows Logo + Plus Sign (+)Zoom In
Windows Logo + Plus Sign (-)Zoom Out
Ctrl + FOpen the Find box to search
Ctrl + Alt + DelOpen Task Manager or sign out, or lock the computer
Alt + TabSwitch between open apps or windows
Alt + F4Shutdown the window or close the app
Shift+DelPermanently delete
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