10 Best Disk Space Analyzer for Windows PC (2022)

With the games, applications, and software coming in incredible quality, our computers have begun demanding a lot of storage space which is pretty valid. Let it be games or applications it takes decent storage space to download and operate them with ease.

You might have already noticed that irrespective of how you use your PC, it still has the low storage error sign showing up on the side. This can make your PC lag a little more than usual, and make even completing the smallest tasks difficult.

This is where disk space analyzers play a major role. The disk space analyzers will help you create space and get rid of unnecessary files. To create space on your hard drive, you will have to delete files or move large files to an external hard drive.

Disk space analyzers will help you analyze the type of files present in your hard drive and then you can decide the file you would like to delete to create space. The analyzers will give you a detailed and complete report on what files occupy the storage space.

You can get a report on where your storage is wasted helping you create storage space with ease. Here are the 10 best disk space analyzers and visualizers for Windows 10, 8, 8.1, and 7 PC:

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List of Best Disk Space Analyzer for Windows PC:

windows disk space analyzer

1) WizTree:

WizTree is an amazing disk space analyzer for Windows that comes with a wide range of features that makes it stand in the crowd. It is available on Windows for free.

It is considered to be faster than other disk space analyzers, and you can just run the page on your PC without installing it.

You can export the findings to the CSV.file to keep a record of your hard drive. The scans are fast, and you can scan one disk at a time.

You will also get additional data when you click on any item, delete files that occupy a lot of space from the interface itself, and also view your space consumption by file extension.

The analyzer also comes with a customization feature that will present the files on your hard drive in a creative way. You will also get basic information about any file with ease.

If you are looking for a disk space analyzer that is faster than usual and is feature-rich then WizTree is the perfect choice to go for.

Download WizTree Software for Windows PC

disk space analyzer windows 10

2) WinDirStat:

WinDirStat is considered to be a reliable disk space analyzer and has gained a lot of popularity because of the same.

It will analyze all your files on your hard drive and provide a complete report on what kind of files occupy your storage space.

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The analyzer shows a treemap of the data shown in bars of varying sizes that will give you a clear idea about your storage space.

There is also a column on the right side that will list all types of files along with the treemap bar color allowing you to find files quickly.

The Analyzer is easy to use, has a simple interface, and comes with in-built clean-up options.

Download WinDirStat for Windows PC

windows disk usage analyzer

3) DiskSavvy:

DiskSavvy is an incredibly advanced disk analyzer that comes with diverse features that will give you a clear idea about the storage space on your hard drive.

DiskSavvy comes with customization features that make it easy to use and make scanning TBs of data with ease.

The analyzers also come with advanced network drive support, and command-line support when you buy the premium version. It has a comprehensive filtering system and plugin support.

Download DiskSavvy for Windows 10, 7, 8, 8.1 PC

hard drive space analyzer

4) TreeSize:

If you are looking for a Windows hard drive space analyzer that is feature-rich for free, then TreeSize is the one you must go for. The TreeSize is considered to come in both free, and premium versions.

TreeSize can scan large files in simple and a quick way. You will also get a clear chart of the files that occupy the majority of the face and show all files along with folders with their details in the drive.

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With the premium version, you will get 3D charts and treemaps that will illustrate files and storage space in a proper way. It is an easy-to-use analyzer with a simple interface.

Download TreeSize Software for Windows 10 PC

disk space analyzer windows 7

5) SpaceSniffer:

SpaceSniffer as the name suggests will sniff its way through the files in your hard drive and give you an idea of where your storage space is being wasted.

This analyzer will help you differentiate between files or folders and other installable programs. The data will be shown beside the files and folders.

To know more about a file or a program you can double-click on the same. With SpaceSniffer you can export the data to a file and then scan external storage devices.

The analyzer offers great animations giving you the best visual representation of your data storage.

Download SpaceSniffer Software for Windows PC

pc space analyser

6) JDiskReport:

The JDiskReport is another free hard drive space visualizer that will help you clear out a decent storage space easily. The analyzer will give you a report of files and storage in the form of a bar graph or a pie chart.

JDiskReport will help you find scanned folders and provide you with several ways that will help you analyze data.

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It is available on Windows for free, and if you are looking for a free yet simple disk space analyzer as a beginner then go for JDiskReport without any doubt.

Download JDiskReport Software for Windows

Disk Space Usage Tool

7) RidNacs – Disk Space Usage Tool:

RidNacs is similar to the other hard disk space visualizer and comes with a simple interface. It is a minimal and simple interface that will make using this program easier for new users.

Moreover, it has a portable option. You can scan a single folder and you can use the analyzer from the start with ease.

You can open the folders similar to how you do in Windows Explorer to see the largest folders/files listed from the top to the bottom. It supports the scanning of large files in a specific folder.

Download RidNacs for Windows 10, 8.1, 8, & 7 PC

windows disk usage visualizer

8) GetFoldersize:

GetFoldersize is another simple Windows disk space analyzer that will scan all the files on your hard drive giving details about all files and folders as well. The analyzer comes with a wide range of additional tools, and you can filter files by file extension.

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You can also use different panels to see the files selected in the folder. You can scan network drives, and list the data inside them in a fast yet easier way.

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Download GetFoldersize Software for Windows PC

windows disk space visualizer

9) HDGraph:

HDGraph comes with an animation feature that will illustrate the data storage space and files or folders in a creative yet clear way.

You will get a report in the form of a circular chart that will show data in the simplest and understanding ways. You can get details on the files with a double click.

The chart is interactive and comes with incredible customization options. The analyzer will show accurate details and provide a wide range of detailed information along with the analysis.

Download HDGraph Software for Windows 10 PC

disk space explorer

10) FolderSizes:

FolderSizes is a complete Windows disk space analyzer that is a one-stop solution for all your space analyzing problems. It is a complete disk analyzer tool in terms of both storage type support and features.

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Some of its amazing features include treemap/ bar graph representation, scan filters, customizable search, network drive scanning, and extensive details about all files as well as folders.

Download FolderSizes Software for Windows 7 PC

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