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12 iPhone Features You Were Unaware Of!

iPhone keyboard function as a trackpad!

You can effectively turn your iPhone into a trackpad. Simply press and hold your finger on the space bar of your iPhone's keyboard. As you do so, the other keys will dim, allowing you to utilize the space as a trackpad for more accurate cursor control.

iPhone as White Noise Machine:

With just a few taps on your touchscreen, transform your iPhone into a white-noise machine, effectively masking annoying and distracting sounds with your customized soothing background noise. To activate this feature, navigate to Settings, then tap Accessibility, and select Audio/Visual. Next, locate Background Sounds and toggle it on.

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iPhone answers calls for you!

You can set your iPhone to automatically answer calls to ensure you never miss important ones. Here's how: Go to Settings, then open Accessibility, and select Touch. From there, choose Call Audio Routing, scroll down to Auto-Answer Calls, and toggle it on. Once activated, your iPhone will answer incoming calls automatically.

Search a photo by what or who is in it!

You can search for photos on your iPhone based solely on their content. Here's how: Open your Photos app and tap on the search bar. Your phone will provide suggestions based on people, places, and things it recognizes in your photos.

Customize the brightness of your flashlight!

Customizing the brightness of your iPhone's flashlight is simple and convenient. Just swipe down from the top of the screen to access the Control Center, then press and hold the Flashlight button. A slider will appear, enabling you to adjust the brightness level to your liking by moving it up or down.

iPhone playlist as a sleep aid!

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Now, with the iPhone's sleep timer feature, you can conveniently set a specific time for your music to stop playing. Here's how: Open the Clock app, then tap on the Timer option located in the bottom-right corner of your screen. Select the desired duration for your music playback. Next, tap on "When Timer Ends," scroll down to the bottom of the list, and choose "Stop Playing." Finally, tap "Set" at the top right-hand corner of your screen to activate the sleep timer.

Different vibrations for each contact!

To customize vibrations for specific contacts, go to Contacts, select a contact, and tap Edit. Then, choose Ringtone or Text Tone, followed by Vibration. Select a pattern for calls and texts, either the same or different. You can also create a new vibration for each contact.

Locate your vehicle!

To easily locate your parked vehicle, access the Settings menu on your iPhone and select the Maps app. Scroll down to the bottom of the list until you find the "Your Car" section. Toggle on the "Show Parked Location" option. Now, your phone will automatically mark your car's location whenever you park it. When you need to find your car, simply open the Maps app on your iPhone, and you'll see a marker indicating where you parked. This convenient feature ensures you never have trouble locating your vehicle again.

To hide specific pictures on your iPhone, follow these steps: Open your Photos app and select the pictures you want to hide. Then, tap on the Share option. In the list of sharing options, choose "Hide." Your iPhone will automatically move the selected items to the Hidden folder. To access this folder, open your Photos app, navigate to the Albums tab, and scroll down to the Utilities heading. There, you'll find the Hidden folder alongside other categories like imports and recently deleted photos.

Hide your private photos!

Help friends find their phones!

Under your iPhone’s Settings, head to Privacy, then Location Services. Turn on the “Find My iPhone” option. Additionally, within the same Location Services menu, navigate to Share My Location. Here, select the names of trusted friends and family members who can assist in locating your device. By enabling these features, you not only empower yourself to track your iPhone but also establish a network of support for retrieval in case of misplacement or loss.

Undo text by shaking!

For swift text editing on your iPhone, shake your device vigorously to trigger an undo prompt. Tap "Undo" in the box that appears to erase the last input. If you change your mind and wish to restore the deleted text, shake your phone once more and select "Redo." Alternatively, you can swipe left with three fingers to erase text or swipe right with three fingers to restore it.

Flash Notifications!

Simply navigate to Settings, scroll down to Accessibility, and tap on Audio/Visual. Then, toggle on the option labeled “LED Flash for Alerts” to activate this feature. With this setting enabled, your iPhone's camera flash will provide a visual cue for incoming notifications, ensuring you stay informed without relying solely on auditory signals.

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