15 Must-Known iPhone Shortcuts for Everyday Use!

By: Seher | 28-02-2024

Find the perfect GIF in seconds!

Utilize the "Search GIPHY and Share" feature for a swift method to discover the perfect GIF for any moment and seamlessly distribute it through your preferred channels or social media platforms. Just activate the Shortcut, input your desired word or phrase, choose from the available options, and effortlessly share your selection.

Get directions to your nearest need!

Instantly summon directions to your closest coffee shop with Walk to Coffee Shop. Customize it to locate any other frequently sought-out establishment, whether it's a bookstore, grocery store, public restroom, or any other place of interest.

Never forget the items to buy!

The Remind Me at Work feature is tailored to send you a reminder when you reach your designated workplace. However, if you configure your workplace as your grocery store and include your shopping list, you'll receive an automatic reminder for the items you need to purchase as soon as you arrive at the store.

Count the sleeps until the big event!

With Special Day Countdown, you can track the time remaining until a significant event in your life. Whether it's counting down to a birthday, holiday, or eagerly awaiting your next night out with friends, this app displays the days left and allows you to share this update with others at your discretion.

Take I.C.E to the next level

"In Case of Emergency" revolutionizes the concept of an "ICE" contact. This shortcut initiates a message to your selected emergency contacts, including your location. It can also send a secondary message to other essential contacts if needed and displays crucial information on your phone screen for first responders to access.

Make your own GIF!

"Shoot a GIF" empowers you to swiftly craft a photo-based GIF at your convenience. You have control over the number of frames to capture and the duration for each photo display. Utilize either the front or back camera to curate your slideshow, then seamlessly share your creation with others.

Wake Apple TV proves invaluable when the small remote is misplaced or if you prefer not to leave the comfort of your couch. If your TV supports HDMI-CEC connectivity, this Shortcut will also power on your television alongside your Apple TV.

Turn on your Apple TV without the remote!

Share your most recent screenshot instantly.!

AirDrop Screenshot swiftly sends your most recent screenshot to another iDevice via AirDrop. If no devices are detected, this Shortcut presents the standard sharing options, providing alternative choices.

Easily identify the song playing!

Message This Song collaborates seamlessly with your Shazam app to recognize a song. It generates a message containing the artist's name and song title already filled in, allowing you to effortlessly share it with a friend or send it to yourself.

Create a one-tap shortcut to call your beloved.

Speed Dial enables you to generate a customized app tile on your iPhone's home screen. Simply tapping on this tile initiates a call to the chosen contact from your phonebook. You can even personalize the tile with a photo or a custom icon design of your choice.

Develop a music application tailored for children!

Play an Album allows you to set up a Shortcut directly to a specific album. While this may not be particularly useful for adults, it's perfect for parents with kids who enjoy specific music. With just one tap from the home screen, your child can instantly access their favorite tunes without having to navigate through your Music app.

Set up your personalized laughter track

Sitcom Laugh may seem like just a novelty, but it can add comedic flair to various situations. If you've ever wished for your own laugh track to accompany your jokes and punchlines, this app is tailor-made for you. Simply press the button for instant applause and laughter.

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Create a speedy photo collage!

Photo Grid provides a fast and straightforward method to transform multiple images from your iPhone's Camera Roll into a collage, allowing you to swiftly share them. Just select your desired images, wait for the preview to load, and then proceed to share your collage effortlessly.

Inform your sweetheart of your estimated arrival time!

Home ETA checks your current location, determines the distance to your preset home address, and calculates the estimated time for your return. Subsequently, it sends a message to a pre-selected contact, providing them with your expected time of arrival.

Prompt Siri to take a photo hands-free!

Say Cheese is a cleverly named Shortcut that leverages Siri integration to capture a photo using your iPhone's camera. For iOS 13 users, simply saying "Say Cheese" to Siri will activate the Shortcut and take a hands-free photo.

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