9 New Features on Android to Boost Your Productivity!

By Sam | 01-02-2024

1. Stay in touch while focusing on the road:

With AI, Android Auto can quickly summarize long texts or group chats while you're driving. It also suggests responses and actions, letting you send messages, share your location, or make calls with just one tap.

2. Hear AI-generated captions for images:

Android now provides auto-generated captions for photos, online images, and pictures in messages. This feature, created for blind and low-vision communities, is now available globally in English.

3. Explore around you with more accessible place information:

Lens in Maps now offers improved screen reader support, allowing you to identify nearby places such as ATMs, restaurants, and transit stations. Simply point your phone's camera at your surroundings, and TalkBack will read out loud details like business hours, ratings, and directions.

You can now add handwritten notes to Google Docs using your finger or stylus on your Android phone or tablet. With various markup tools available, such as pen colors and highlighters, reviewing and providing feedback on documents is quick, flexible, and effortless.

4. Give feedback with handwritten markups in Docs:

5. Listen uninterrupted on Spotify with new casting controls:

Now, just like with YouTube Music, you can easily switch between devices while listening to Spotify on your Android phone. The output switcher feature allows you to switch playback between your phone speaker, headphones, or TV.

6. View your health, wellness and fitness data in one place:

The Fitbit app now integrates health data from various wearables and apps like AllTrails, Oura Ring, and MyFitnessPal. Access a comprehensive overview of your health in one place on your Android phone, including exercise, steps, calories burned, floors climbed, and distance traveled.

7. Access tickets, membership passes and more — right from your smartwatch:

Access boarding passes, event tickets, gym memberships, loyalty cards, and more directly from your Wear OS smartwatch with Google Wallet passes. Easily manage which passes to display or hide, making them readily available when needed.

8. Get transit directions with a quick glance at your wrist:

Quickly check public transit departure times and get compass-guided navigation directions on your Wear OS smartwatch with Google Maps. Keep your phone in your pocket and glance at your wrist for convenient hands-free navigation.

9. Chat with Gemini right in Messages:

In beta mode and available in English, interact with Gemini directly within the Google Messages app on your Android phone. Whether it's drafting messages, brainstorming ideas, planning events, or casual conversations, you can engage with Gemini without leaving the Messages app.

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