8 Features of Apple Watch 8 You Won’t Find in Any Other Smartwatch!


1. Period Predictions:

Get improved period predictions with wrist temperature data. And receive notifications if your logged cycle data shows a possible cycle deviation, like irregular or prolonged periods.

2. Temperature Sensing:

Apple Watch Series 8, featuring a groundbreaking sensor that monitors your temperature throughout your sleep, enabling you to observe long-term variations. Apple Watch 8 is capable of collecting wrist temperature data during your sleep, providing valuable insights into your overall health and wellness.

3. Crash Detection:

Apple Watch Series 8 is able to detect if you’re in a severe car crash. When a crash is detected, Crash Detection can automatically connect you with emergency services, provide dispatchers with your location, and notify your emergency contacts.

4. Dream Machine:

The Sleep app goes beyond simply tracking your sleep duration. It provides detailed insights into your sleep stages, including REM, Core, & Deep sleep, giving you a comprehensive understanding of your sleep quality as well as when you might have woken up.

5. Take an ECG:

The ECG app on the Apple Watch Series 8, enable you to generate an electrocardiogram (ECG) that closely resembles a single-lead ECG. This advanced feature allows you to take charge of your heart health by capturing and analyzing your heart's electrical signals.

6. Blood Oxygen App:

The remarkable sensor and app in Apple Watch Series 8 allow you to take on‑demand readings of your blood oxygen as well as background readings, day and night.

7. Medications Reminder:

The Medications app offers convenient assistance in managing your medications, vitamins & supplements. With this app, you can easily keep track of your various medications, ensuring you never miss a dose.

8. Low-power Mode:

Enjoy a full day of uninterrupted usage with the Apple Watch Series 8, thanks to its impressive all-day battery life of 18 hours. With Low Power Mode, you can get up to 36 hours of usage, ensuring your Apple Watch remains functional and useful during extended periods without access to charging.

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