How to Use Freeform on iPad?

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Freeform can be used for personal projects like mapping out a road trip or planning a volunteer projects. You can create your college notes, mapping your concepts and so much more.


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To start, open freeform app. On the left sidebar, you'll find options for viewing all your projects, recent canvases, shared boards and more.

When you want to start a new board, tap the compose button at the top right of your screen. A new clean canvas appears before you. Bring out your brilliant ideas on the canvas.


You can add your friends or neighbour to this project and work on the project together. To add collaborators, tap the share button in the upper right corner. The, select who you want to share with and tap send.

You can add to your board using the options at the top of your screen. Tap the drawing button for a variety of tools & colours for writing & drawing. Or add a note with sticky note button. Tap the shape button to choose from different categories of shapes & objects to your board. To add Text, tap the text box button or tap the media button to add photos, videos, pdfs, etc.

Whenever, you want to undo or redo an object or text, you can tap the undo button at the top right. Or simply touch and hold it and go for the option. Touch and hold the object to move it wherever you'd like or to resize it.

Tap an object for more customizations or to delete it. Every object have different options like cropping for photos or formatting for text, like fonts and colours.

In the upper left corner of your board, tap the arrow to the right of the title for options to show or hide grid lines, export your board as a pdf and more. Just tap arrow again when you're done.

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