Your iPhone's Volume Buttons Are Loaded with Hidden Features!

By: Sam | 30-02-2024

Capture Photos:

Capture photos easily using this helpful trick. Whether you're using the front or rear camera, simply open the Camera app, and press either volume button to take a photo or start a panorama. If you're doing a panorama, you can either tap the button again to finish or hold it down throughout the process.

Take Videos:

Easily record videos using the same trick. In the Camera app, switch to video mode, then press either volume button to start recording. Press again to stop, or hold down the button for the entire video, releasing it to stop recording.

Scan Documents:

In apps like Files, Mail, Notes, and Reminders, use the built-in document scanner. Press either volume button to capture a document scan in the Camera app.

Snooze/Stop Alarms:

For alarms, press either volume button to snooze if enabled or stop the alarm if snooze is off.

Call Emergency Services:

In emergencies, quickly call 911 by holding down the side lock button and either volume button until the "Emergency Call" slider appears. Swipe the SOS icon to make the call.

Turn off Face ID/Touch ID:

Temporarily prevent Face ID from unlocking by holding the side lock button and either volume button for two seconds. Press the side button to lock your iPhone instantly.

Silence Incoming Calls:

Quickly silence regular and FaceTime calls, and stop vibrations in vibrate mode by pressing either volume button.

Force Restart:

If your phone is frozen, force a restart by pressing volume up, then volume down, and finally the side lock button until the Apple logo appears.

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