5 Free Video Editing Software to Download for Windows PC and Mac

A video can change and improve the way of communication. Creating video and editing is the biggest task for us. But with proper video editing software and without watermark, we can create the best videos. Your Windows PC and Mac would make your work easier and effective than your Smartphone.

Free Video Editing Software

1. Blender Free Video Editing Software:

Blender is the best free video editing software, it can be downloaded on your Windows PC, Mac, and Linux. It is a 3D animation suite as well as a video editor.

You can do video cut, splicing, video masking, audio mixing, syncing, scrubbing and waveform visualization. You can add up to 32 slots for video, images, audio, and effects.

It has features like speed control, background, keyframes, filters, transitions, adjustment layers, etc. It has built-in video sequence editors. Blender’s user interface incorporates the following concepts:

Editing modes, Hotkey usage, numeric input, workspace management. It has especially color grading feature, fade and wipe transition. It would be best for your video editing. It may be difficult to use for beginners, it takes time and energy to learn it. It is used for higher-level video editing.

Download Blender Free Video Editor

Blender – Visit the Official Website

Free Video Editing Software

2. Avidemux Free Video Editing Software:

Avidemux is a free video editor is a simple and effective way to encode and create your videos. It supports AVI, DVD, compatible MEPG files, mp4 and ASF files. It is ideal for those who are working with both Macs and Windows Pc’s.

Avidemux is lightweight and fairly simple. It handles several formats. You can rotate, trim, split, crop and join videos with a precise timeline. You can see the “scene detection feature” to view the video in the timeline, according to its scenes.

You can beautify your videos with 80+ transitions, video effects, 50+ free songs to use as background music, special templates, 50+ overlays, 100+ motion elements, and 100+ titles and texts.

It also supports 4K editing, scene detection, speed control, audio mixes, green screen, screen recorder. You can share video on youTube, Facebook or to DVD. This is basic software with all editorial features for both beginners and pros.

Download Avidemux Free Video Editor

Avidemux – Visit the Official Website

Free Video Editor

3. Shotcut Free Video Editing Software:

Shotcut is well-grounded and reliable video editing software, which makes your editorial task easier, it is high quality, easy integrated secured application.

This software can be downloaded for free. It is a cross-platform video editor for Windows PC, Mac, and Linux. It has a wide range of filters and effects, the shortcut would be a great choice for YouTubers. It has features as advanced editing, speed control, sound effects, etc.

It supports audio and video for image formats such as: MBD, GIF, JPEG, PNG, SVG, TGA, TIFF, WebP, native timeline ending – no import required, multi-format timeline, webcam capture, audio capture. It also supports 4K resolutions. This is a brilliant system for advanced effects. Shortcut is a remarkable video editor.

Download Shotcut Free Video Editor

Shotcut – Visit the Official Website

Free Video Editor

4. Lightworks Free Video Editing Software:

Lightworks is a software system used for editing and replicating a video. This software is available for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. This software supports Codec formats, MXF, Quicktime.

And AVI files; image sequences in BMP, Targa, TIFF, JPE and PNG files. This software is available in both free and paid versions. It has counter shuttle PRO V2 hardware.

Which is designed for light works, it works one after another with your mouse to serve as a substitute to your keyboard. It includes 2K and 4K resolutions, NTSC, a television in PAL and high – definition formats its salient features:

• Simple and intuitive interface.
• Rich audio and video content
• Timeline editing and trimming
• Lo-ress proxy workflows
• Share video to social networks
• Real-time usage of audio and VFX

This would be a great app for professional and high-quality video editing for ample and good creative content.

Download Lightworks Free Video Editor

Lightworks Visit the Official Website

5. DaVinci Resolve Free Video Editing Software:

It is a system specially designed for editors for high-quality end content work such as Television commercials. The cut page lets you import, edit, trim, transitions, titles, match colors, mix audio etc.

It would be best for YouTube to get their job done at once. You can also edit videos in the middle of the process from the cut page. It has new features such as facial recognition, speed wrap, etc. You can upload your projects directly to social networks.

DaVinci resolves 16 is a massive release with hundreds of features like dual timeline, dedicated rim interface, intelligent editor, fast review, picture effects, retrieving stabilization, dynamic zoom, text, audio and more.

Its salient features are professional editing, color correction, fair light, audio, media and delivery, multi-user collaboration. Though it is the best software but not suitable for beginners. it would be more suitable and useful for professional editing and film shot editing.

Download DaVinci Resolves Free Video Editor

DaVinci – Visit the Official Website

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