Top 10 Microsoft Office 365 Apps

It is 2021, and almost all businesses are working or operating from home due to the widely spread pandemic. It is the best time to give your business a digital transformation. As the number of active internet users has increased, you can jumpstart your digital mode of business with ease.

To make the process easier, Microsoft has upgraded its Office 365 applications! Microsoft Office 365 is a little more mobile-friendly and easy to use. The outlook from Office 365 will let users have access to voice-based assistance and improve their productivity.

The upgraded version of Office 365 also comes with an enhanced search option that will help you have quick access to stored multimedia content via a few taps. Users also have 1TB of storage on OneDrive available for ready use, and continuous web support from Microsoft.

Microsoft Project comes in handy when you are working on a specific project with a team or on an assignment. You will have access to a wide range of Microsoft tools and schedule tasks with in-built Lync features to unloose your innovation and get things done.

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Therefore, there are several reasons a business must prefer M365 apps to improve their productivity and work efficiently. Here are a few Microsoft 365 office apps that will help in giving your business an efficient digital transformation:

List of Top 10 Microsoft Office 365 Apps:

Microsoft Word App

1) Microsoft Word:

Microsoft Word is a popular Microsoft application used to create or illustrate any content easily. You can create notes; attach images and audio to the documents. You must learn to use the word technique for document processing, creating reports, emails, and more.

It also has a mail merge feature that will allow the host to send similar notifications to all the employees simultaneously. You can edit or format texts using MS Word and use a different range of tools to make your content fun as well as interesting.

Download Microsoft Word App

Microsoft Excel App

2) Microsoft Excel:

Who does not use MS Excel? Microsoft Excel is another popular and widely used Microsoft application that will help in computing data for calculations easily. Nowadays businesses became more productive using Excell. There are numerous benefits of using Microsoft Office 365 for Business.

You can also add data manually, create spreadsheets as per your choice, and include the same in your presentation to give a brief idea about calculations and statistics. Microsoft Excell is a spreadsheet program that is an important part of the small businesses in numerous associations.

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Download Microsoft Excel App

Microsoft Power Point App

3) Microsoft PowerPoint:

Used by students and business owners equally Microsoft PowerPoint is not worth missing out on. It is an interesting Microsoft application that makes creating fun presentations easier. The application is present in Office 365 suite and allows you to add any dramatic highlights by using different tools.

You can convert any boring presentation into a funny one with a few taps. By adding images to different videos, you can make any presentation engaging. Copy your presentation and media to a particular folder that can be later burned to a DVD.

Download Microsoft PowerPoint App

Microsoft Publisher App

4) Microsoft Publisher:

The publisher is a desktop-based application from Microsoft that will help users in creating various publications, business cards, posters, birthday or anniversary cards, leaflets, and calendars to name a few. Microsoft Publisher app can easily be used by anyone.

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Publisher simplifies the process of basic graphic designing and creating content. It is used primarily for layouts or design and is created keeping small business users in mind. Publisher Document help to create, customize, and share a large range of marketing stuff in-house.

Microsoft Lync App

5) Lync:

Lync is a cloud-based Microsoft application that will make interactions between various teams and employees easy. You can communicate securely and stay connected with colleagues and send instant text messages using the Lync application.

You can also share any type of data, and link it with others by using Lync online scheduler. You can engage and interact with your colleagues without any hassle. You can connect with a computer, tablet, or smartphone and communicate securely from anywhere there’s a network connection.

Download Microsoft Lync App

Outlook App

6) Outlook:

Outlook has been around the corner for a long time now. It is a Microsoft application that will let you send emails, communicate with your team members, and merge data in a simple way. You also get a powerful calendar to manage your day.

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Outlook is plugged into M365 and the cloud. You can customize your profile and manage any data by scheduling tasks as well as by creating calendars. Outlook is more than just an email app; you can automatically organize your inbox and helps focus on the emails that are important to you.

Download Microsoft Outlook App

One Note App

7) OneNote:

OneNote is another amazing application from Microsoft Office 365 apps suite that will let you create notes and also syncs them without any hassle. Using Microsoft OneNote, you can edit, add, delete, and insert images, and objects or transfer any data across platforms easily.

OneNote is the best app for capturing everything like notes or recording audio. once you’ve captured everything with One Note, you can organize it however you like, move notes around the page easily, organize pages into sections, and keep your sections in one or more notebooks.

Download Microsoft OneNote App

Share Point App

8) SharePoint:

Similar to the cloud, SharePoint from Microsoft is an application that will allow users to store, organize ad well as share any data on various platforms without any inconvenience. Seek and store your files in the cloud so anyone can securely work with you.

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Moreover, the app also allows you to create your own tools and manage data efficiently. You can also edit any document, manage or create calendars, and create lists to make tasks easier and simpler. Discover, follow, and search for sites, files, and people.

Download Microsoft SharePoint App

MS Visio App

9) Visio:

Visio is a Microsoft application that will let anyone create interesting vector graphics, flow charts, statistics, and diagrams. You can also use a diverse range of tools to make them fun, and then customize them as per your choice.

You need more than just numbers and text to present your information. You can create diagrams and shapes and connections and visualize data with Visio. From creating simple flowcharts to complex diagrams, you can do it all using Visio.

Download Microsoft Visio App (iOS)

MS Teams Apps

10) Teams App:

The Microsoft Teams application is worth a try. It allows users to work as a team efficiently by organizing regular meetings, and content creation. You can collaborate with anyone on a single platform and host video conferences easily.

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It will help you with task management and effective interaction. You can make a call directly from a chat, or click audio or video call. You can download the mobile app so you’re in sync when you’re on the go. Now bring in your colleagues and let the teamwork begin.

Download Microsoft Teams App

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