5 Best Personal Finance Apps to Track Your Money (Android & iOS)

No matter how old you are, money management will always be a difficult task! Managing your finances is all about proper management of your income and your expenses. There are many reasons finance management is important.

Managing finances will help you save a decent amount of money, allow you to spend wisely, and then prevent you from making unnecessary purchases. It will also help you maintain an efficient budget by helping you keep track of all your expenses with ease.

In 2021, these difficult tasks can be done easily with the help of some best & simple money management apps! Yes, there is a wide range of efficient personal & business finance applications developed in recent years that promise to help you track your money with ease.

Let it be rent, utilities, inventory, or licenses, you can keep a track of all your spending by using these finance or budgeting applications. From small business owners to random individuals everyone needs to stay updated by their own expenses.

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If you are looking for some of the best apps to keep a track of your money, then continue reading. We have handpicked the best budgeting apps to make your tasks easier. Here are the 5 best apps that will help you keep track of your money.

List of Best Apps to Track Money:

Personal Finance App

1) Personal Capital:

Personal Capital is one of the top-rated and popular budgeting apps of all time. In simple words, it is a feature-rich investment manager that will track and categorize all your expenses easily.

The app will summarize your income along with your expenditure in the form of charts, and breaks down your monthly expenses in the simplest of forms.

The app had two versions, the free financial dashboard, and the wealth management service. The free financial dashboard will help you with budgeting and also analyze your cash flow.

The wealth management service will suggest you investment opportunities, and help you create a reliable retirement plan. Download the best app to track and manage your money with ease.

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2) Zoho Expense:

If you are looking for an expense tracker app that has incredible IT business tools and is a go-to solution for your financial management woes then Zoho Expense is the best choice out there.

The app allows you to store digital copies of receipts, categorize your expenses, and mileage tracking, and even connect your credit card to keep the app updated about your transactions.

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You can record data offline and supports multiple currencies making it one of the best expense tracker apps of all time. Zoho Expense is an award-winning expense reporting application for both iOS and Android platforms.

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3) Mint:

I am very much sure you must have heard about the Mint app. It is undoubtedly one of the most reliable and popular finance and budgeting applications of all time.

Mint will let you have access to all your bank accounts, and keep a track of your finances, along with your investments. The app will automatically sync to your bank accounts.

You can also choose to enter information with regard to your bank accounts manually. You can also spot recurring deposits and unnecessary purchases. This will allow you to save a decent amount of money by following a few tips.

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4) CashFlow Patrol:

The CashFlow Patrol App is a reliable budgeting and finance application supported by a large number of financial institutions. With 4.5 ratings CashFlow is also one of the best apps to track money and manage your expenses.

The app will give you a quick overview of the most important information to stay updated on your transactions, and track expenses, balance, and budget.

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You will have a brief summary of your expenses and income at your fingertips. Moreover, the application is safe and will also prevent any kind of financial fraud.

  • By: CashFlow Patrol
  • Play Store Rating: 4.5
  • License: Free

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Best Apps to Track Money

5) Expensify:

Expensify is an amazing expense-tracking app that is available on both, Android as well as iOS devices. The app is a great option to go for if you are a business owner or a traveler.

You can also take pictures of your receipts, and the app will read the receipts while logging them in as an expense. You can also categorize expenses as per your choice.

The app is available on a wide range of devices for free. If you want to try something different, and a reliable expense-tracking app then Expensify is the one you must go for.

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