8 Best Budgeting Apps for Couples to Share Expenses

Yeah, moving in with your significant other and buying your own house to start a new chapter of your life is definitely exciting and gives butterflies. But then it is not easy to stay together and manage finances just by creating joint accounts.

Finance management demands more effort than just joint accounts and a specific amount of contribution. One of the most important aspects of finance management is SAVING. However, everyone has a different perspective on finance, especially savings. It is important to discuss and effectively communicate about finances with your significant other.

Studies show couples have a hard time figuring out finances, especially if not discussed the same earlier. You can be a saving person and your significant other might not believe in savings. There are a lot of things one needs to consider while managing finances when living together.

However, just like there is an application for every alternate task, there are finance management apps too. There are many finance budgeting apps that will help you take care of your finance with ease. To make things easier, we have picked the best budgeting apps for couples available in the market.

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10 Best Budgeting Apps for Couples:

Good Budget App

1) Goodbudget:

If you are someone who does not like carrying cash and prefer a cash envelope system then this app is the perfect choice to go for. GoodBudget is a user-friendly budgeting app that will help you control your spending by providing cash envelopes for specific categories.

There is a free as well as a premium version of this app, and both come with a different set of features. The free version of GoodBudget allows you to have a minimum of 20 cash envelopes, while the premium version allows you to have unlimited cash envelopes.

You can use this app on two or more devices and then track your debts by the debt-tracking feature. You can update your transactions on the app, and then keep a track of your finances with ease.

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HoneyDue Couple Budget App

2) Honeydue:

Honeydue is an amazing finance budgeting app that is available on all devices for free. This app comes with a simple and user-friendly interface that will let you and your significant other stay on the same page with regard to finances.

Moreover, you can sync your bank accounts and keep track of investments, and transactions easily. You can manage your investments, bills, and debts without any inconvenience. This app will also remind you about any bills that are due, and help in saving a decent amount of money altogether.

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Honeydue is specifically developed for couples and has interesting features that make savings easy. The app comes with a feature that allows you and your significant other to move forward towards a common money goal.

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Splitwise Budget Split App

3) Splitwise:

If you are looking for an app that will easily split your expenses with any group, trips, housemates, friends, and family and keep track of shared expenses, balances, and who owes who Splitwise is the app you are searching for.

This app was developed for the sole purpose to reduce the stress of splitting money between any groups. You can quickly add expenses on the go before you forget who paid. Settle up with a friend and record any cash or online payment. Share cost equally, or by amounts, shares, or percentages.

It will provide the best options and give you an overview of your finances. If you want to stress-free split money for your wedding, vacation, or any other event then using this app will definitely help you whilst keeping an eye on your financial goals.

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Mint Budget Tracker

4) Mint:

Mint is another amazing budget tracking app you must not miss out on. The app comes with an amazing feature that allows users to answer questions about their financial perspectives and styles. You can see money-saving offers, lower your monthly bills, and categorize your spending right away.

It is available for free on all devices and has been in the market for more than a decade. It is a popular budgeting app that lets you sync your bank accounts with the app, and keep a track of all your transactions with ease.

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You can categorize your spending, and the app will send you alerts regarding your due bills. It will also alert you when you are low on funds which will allow you to manage your finances in a better way. One of the best budgeting apps for almost everyone, Mint by Intuit has some commendable features.

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You Need A Budget Apps

5) You Need a Budget (YNAB):

You Need a Budget or YNAB is a popular budgeting app for couples who refrain from unnecessary investments and focus on savings. You can sync your bank account with this app, and then get information on your transactions on a regular basis.

The app also suggests better investment options and helps you pay off debts with ease. It also makes recommendations for your budget based on your goals. You can access this budgeting tool from almost any device — including your Apple Watch or Amazon Echo.

Gain total control of your finances whilst keeping a track of the same, clear your debt, increase your savings, and reach your target faster. Managing your finances might not be an easy task but then find a budgeting app that suits your requirements and make the process easier.

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Every Dollar Money Tracker App

6) EveryDollar:

EveryDollar is considered to be one of the best budgeting apps in the market. It comes in both, free and premium versions. It was developed by popular finance guru Dave Ramsey. It allows you to manage finances and choose your budget template as per your choice.

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Moreover, you can update all your transactions manually without facing any ads. With the premium version, the app will sync to your bank account and will automatically update your transactions on a daily basis.

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Personal Capital App

7) Personal Capital:

If you are looking for an app that provides an overall analysis of your finances then Personal Capital is the best choice to go for. This budgeting app has incredible features that will analyze your finances and keep track of all your transactions on both, separate as well as joint bank accounts.

The app will provide detailed information on your bank accounts, credit card, and investments. You can monitor your financial health, and plan your future investments with ease. The app also uses different tools to suggest you better investment plans, and help you save in an easy way.

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Pocket Guard App

8) PocketGuard:

If you want to try some advanced method of budget analysis then PocketGuard is the budgeting app you must go for. This budgeting app allows couples to keep a track of their financial goal and move forward with little care.

The app will provide you with information on your bank accounts, credit cards, and investment. It also has an advanced categorizing feature that will help in categorizing your spending. This will allow you to check for unwanted spending and unnecessary subscriptions.

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This app will also give you important two cents on saving money along with providing you suggestions on better investment options. This app will do all the financial work, and make finance management one of the easiest tasks.

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