8 Best Budget and Money Management Apps for Android & iOS

If budgeting is something that you always wanted to do but the idea either scared you or made you a little confused as well unsure of the steps to take then this is just the right article for you.

While budgeting might seem a difficult task that requires a lot of effort, you will be delighted to know that modern technology has made this task a little easier for you.

There are several money budget apps that help in keeping a track of your expenses, help you maintain and proper budget without a lot of hustle, and make the entire idea of ‘saving’ easy.

A proper idea or a process of budgeting seems unavailable. But it is a known fact that budgeting can actually help you in keeping a track of your expenditure and make you financially stable.

Yes! You heard that right, proper budgeting can help you save loads of money and lead you towards becoming financially stable like never before.

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Best Money Budget Apps

Financial stability and saving are something we always dream of, while the idea seems confusing but a budgeting app will help you in keeping a well-defined track of your finances.

The Best Money Budget Apps will help you track your expenses overall and give you a clear picture of what you are earning as well as spending and what part of your finances require a change.

These apps are preferably designed for personal budgeting but there are a few apps that will help you track your company’s budget too.

There are numerous budgeting apps available in the market, with incredible features that make it difficult to choose the best one.

As one app stands out because of its bill tracking feature another offer saving suggestions and tracking your expenses directly from your bank account.

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However, we have managed to pick out a few budgeting apps that cannot be missed out on. Here are the 8 best budgeting apps available on the Play Store along with their outstanding features.

List of Best Money Budget Apps for Android & iOS:

1) Personal Capital:

Personal Capital Budget App

Personal Capital is considered to be one of the best and top-rated budgeting apps that are used by more than 2 million people on a daily basis.

This app is considered to be the best one for investment management and investment tracking. There are several features that make this app stand out in the crowd.

Some of the noticeable features of Personal Capital are:

  • It has several investment tools such as Fee Analyzer that will help you keep the track of the fees you pay for your investment plan.
  • It offers a number of personalized asset allocations and retirement tools.
  • This app offers a wealth management plan that will let you get access to a financial advisor with a single click and no extra money.
  • Moreover, it is completely free!

By: Personal Capital Corporation
Play Store Rating: 4.5
License: Free

Download Personal Capital Budgeting App

2) Mint:

Mint Budget App

Mint is known to be the best money budget app and expense tracker of all time. Mint is owned by Intuit and helps you manage your finances in the easiest way possible.

It allows you to manage your money and link your Mint account to several banks, money lenders, and other financial institutions. It keeps a close track of your expenses and makes it easier for you to get data from your bank.

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Here are a few amazing features of Mint:

  • It helps in automatically categorizing your transactions as debit or credit and then keeping a track of your deposits.
  • It comes with a wide range of personalized budgeting tools that will help you track your budget instantly.
  • This app also sends in notifications and alerts of your transactions etc.

By: Intuit Inc
Play Store Rating: 4.5
License: Free

Download Mint Budgeting App

3) CountAbout:

CountAbout Budgeting App

CountAbount is an amazing budgeting app that is available on both Android and iOS devices. CountAbout is considered to be one of the simplest budgeting apps that is user-friendly and comes with some crazy features.

To use the app, you will have to pay at least $9.99 per year and you will have all the basic budgeting tools.

However, if you want to experience more budgeting tools, then you can go for the premium plan for $39.9 per year which comes with a personalized and wide range of features.

Some of the amazing features of CountAbout are:

  • This app is simple to use and allows you to link your account to various banks as well as financial institutions easily.
  • It automatically gets updated after each transaction and you don’t have to worry about entering the data manually.
  • It allows for personalizing configuration and customizing each field along with its functions.
  • This app also helps in scheduling your payments and creates a massive budget for the future.

By: CountAbout Corporation
Play Store Rating: 3.8
License: Free

Download CountAbout Budget App

4) Money Patrol:

Money Patrol Budgeting

Money Patrol is another amazing app that will help you in budgeting your finances the easy way. It is available on both android and IOS devices.

Money Patrol uses your data to keep track of your transactions and expenses effectively. It will give you a perfect overview of your expenses, upcoming bills, and other charges/fees.

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Some of the noticeable features of money patrol are:

  • It supports more than 15000 financial institutions that will help you link your bank accounts or towards other financial institutions effectively.
  • It alerts you and gives frequent notifications if there is any incident that might be dangerous.
  • Money The patrol will use your data and monitor all your financial activity to create a better budget.
  • You can track your loans, investments, and mortgage with a single click.
Download the Money Patrol Personal Finance App

5) Pocket Guard:

Pocket Guard Money Management Application

The pocket guard is another app that is popular for having some incredible budgeting tools and an amazing expense tracking system.

Here are a few features that make Pocket Guard stand out in the crowd:

  • This app will allow you to link the app to several or many bank accounts and financial institutions to send a budget tracking overview every month.
  • It considers your bill charges, expenses, and earnings all together and makes it easier to keep a track of your budget overall including your savings.
  • It also helps in finding better investment deals, and other suggestions that will help you create a proper budget.

By: PocketGuard, Inc.
Play Store Rating: 4.3
License: Free

Download PocketGuard App

6) YNAB:

YNAB Money Management Mobile App

Also known as ‘You Need a Budget, YNAB is one of the best money-budgeting apps you will ever come across.

With a diverse set of features and tools, YNAB promises to make the process of budgeting easier than your imagination.

Here are a few reasons why you should go for YNAB if you are looking for a perfect budgeting app for your goals:

  • Unlike other apps, YNAB allows you to create a practical-realistic budget based on your income, expenses, and transactions.
  • You can link the app to various financial institutions, bank accounts, and even money lenders.
  • It offers both, mobile and desktop interfaces making your job of budgeting a lot easier.
  • It also offers you a feature that helps you in keeping track of your daily money goals.

By: You Need A Budget LLC
Play Store Rating: 4.2
License: Free

Download the YNAB Money Management App

7) Empower:

Empower Money Tracking App

Empower is considered to be an incredible budgeting app available on both Android and IOS devices. The app helps you in setting a proper budget and monitors your expenditure.

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The advantages of using Empower are:

  • The app helps in setting limits on your expenditure and transactions. This will allow you to walk within your budget effectively.
  • The app will monitor your finances closely, it will help you set a saving limit/goal and send you regular alerts on any financial changes.
  • It also helps in alerting you if you have some extra cash and suggests some amazing ways to invest the money in.

By: Empower Finance
Play Store Rating: 4.3
License: Free

Download Empower Money Tracker App

8) Simple Budget:

Simple Budget

Simple, unlike its name, is more than a simple budget app. It is considered to be one of the simple and easy mobile applications that keeps a track of all your expenditures, transactions, and even savings.

Some of the amazing features that make the app stand out are that you can manage your money goal, and future planning, and track all your bills, with daily or weekly reminders. The app will suggest various ways to save and control money in an effective way.

By: WaveTechStudio
Play Store Rating: 4.8
License: Free

Download Simple Budget App
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