Top 10 Best Mobile Payment Apps (Based on Play Store Ratings)

There are a number of tips for growing your business online but let’s go back to basics what if you simply made it easier for customers to buy from you no more entering card numbers or delivery addresses no more worries about security just a few clicks and you’re done or to confirm.

It’s the fast easy and secure way to pay what that means is that customers spend more time shopping and less time paying and sellers see greater conversion rates for their business.

List of 10 Best Mobile Payment Apps:

1. Amazon Pay:

Amazon Pay Mobile Application

Introducing Amazon Payments also popularly known as Amazon Pay a revolutionary service that makes online shopping a breeze. Amazon Pay is indeed one of the most popular and best mobile payment apps for Android & iOS devices.

Amazon pay offers a trusted payment experience that ultimately encourages shoppers to buy the first time and to come back and buy again by enabling customers to pay with any Smartphone in just a few clicks.

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What’s more, with Amazon’s 100% buyer protection guarantee customers are protected against fraud defects or delays and it works across all devices beat a computer tablet or mobile that’s the beauty of paying with Amazon.

By: Amazon Mobile LLC
Play Store Rating: 4.2
License: Free

Download Amazon Pay App

2. Google Pay App:

Google Pay App

Google Pay also popularly known as GPay is one of the best and most secure payment apps from Google. With G Pay you can directly pay through any of your bank accounts.

Securely pay for utility bills, recharges, online shopping, and get great deals on your transactions. Secure your transaction with Google security.

This payment app enables users to send and receive money for free. Users can easily access it on both Android as well as iOS devices.

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They don’t charge any of the fees from users but the bank can charge from them. The other services of payments here are the best for users.

You can easily check your spending and saving and even split the bill & share expenses with a group of people.

Pay friends or businesses and earn up to 10% cashback and save more. Shop and save at your favorite store and stay safe with every payment.

  • By: Google LLC
  • Play Store Rating: 4.2
  • License: Free
Download Google Pay App

3. PayPal App:

PayPal Best Payment App

PayPal is known as the head of all payments apps since the time of the year 1998. It is one of the most dominant names and is growing ultimately.

The best ability offered by PayPal is the transfer of money to foreign accounts too. They usually don’t charge any fee for transferring the funds to family or friends. Although, they do charge fees for the converting of currencies.

How to Send Money in the PayPal App:

• Install the PayPal app on your mobile device and log in.
• From the home screen tap on “send money”.
• Enter the name, phone number, or email for the person you’re sending money to their PayPal account.
• If they don’t have a PayPal account they can set one up for free.
• Select if you’re sending money to a friend or family member or paying for goods or services.
• Then enter the amount you would like to send and press next.
• You can add a note if you would like.
• Send money quickly with your default payment method or choose your PayPal balance or bank account to send for free.

  • By: Paypal
  • Play Store Rating: 4.3
  • License: Free
Download Paypal Pay App for Android & iOS

4. Samsung Pay App:

Samsung Mobile Payment

The Samsung Pay app is only compatible with Samsung devices. There is no limit here for the payments. Users can easily transfer it without any limit.

Samsung Pay cares about your debit and credit cards on select Samsung Galaxy smartphones and enjoys them almost everywhere safely with 3 levels of security.

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With Samsung Pay, you can have all your cards on your Smartphone, and it’s got defense-grade security and it’s totally safe.

Due to the service for only Samsung devices, it lacks in most of the services and is also not to a good extent.

Paying with Samsung Pay is very easy:

• Launch the Samsung pay app.
• Authenticate with your Pin, facial, or fingerprint lock.
• Pay with your phone.

  • By: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
  • Play Store Rating: 4.6
  • License: Free
Download Samsung Pay App

5. Venmo App:

Venmo Payment App

Venmo is one of the popular and best mobile payment apps by PayPal that allows you to send and request money digitally. Download the application for Android and Apple iOS devices.

You can add a bank account, credit card, or debit card for handling transactions. Sending money from a bank account or debit card is free on Venmo, but it will charge a 3% fee for sending money with a credit card.

You can search for someone to pay or request money from at the top. Venmo offers several ways to search. You can search people by their name, their Venmo username, their phone number, or their email address.

Each Venmo account also includes a unique QR code that can be scanned to make sure you are paying the right person. You can find your username and QR code by clicking on your profile picture on the menu screen.

Venmo will always use your Venmo balance first as a payment option. And if that balance does not cover the transaction, it will use your bank account or card that you added.

Although the app Venmo is far different from Paypal. Venmo is specially developed to send payments to friends.

As per the announcement by Paypal in the year 2019, more than millions of people had active accounts of themselves. Venmo is also for use in paying business payments too.

  • By: PayPal, Inc.
  • Play Store Rating: 4.4
  • License: Free
Download Venmo Payment App

6. Xoom App:

Xoom Payment App

Xoom is also a PayPal service through which you can make fast, secure money transfers worldwide and on the go. With Xoom pay, you can send money abroad quickly and easily.

Pay utility bills in other countries with a few taps and conveniently track each transaction anywhere, anytime.

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It is one of the unique payment apps due to the purpose of sending money to other foreign places. It offers a payment that is limited to up to $25,000 per transaction.

According to the initial limits, it includes $2,999 to pay within the limit of one day. In a month, users can pay up to $6,000. The cost of this app varies as per the money sign of that country.

With Xoom you can send funds in 3 easy ways:

1. Deposit your money to any bank account

2. Send money at 1000s of partner locations to pickup.

3. You can even send your money directly to the doorstep of the receiver.

  • By: Xoom Corporation
  • Play Store Rating: 4.8
  • License: Free
Download Xoom Payment App

7. Square Cash App:

Cash App

In the square cash payment app, you can send money, receive money, get a debit card, or do a direct deposit. If you haven’t already downloaded the cash app click the link down below.

Add bank information and get a custom free Visa debit card and spend any cash you get immediately. You can also add your cash app card to Google pay.

This payment app is compatible with both Android as well as iOS devices. The limit of payment here is up to $250 on each transaction or the time limit of one week period.

The limit can be increased up to the time of $2,500 per week. If the user sends the payment through a credit card, then about three percent of the fee is deducted from them. It will be added to the total of the transaction.

  • By: Square, Inc.
  • Play Store Rating: 4.2
  • License: Free
Download Square Cash App

8. Zelle App:

Zelle Top Payment App

In Zelle, there is a unique form of paying to friends or family. Payment is done here directly from the bank.

With the Zelle payment app, you can pay bills, deposit, send, or request money from your contacts. Enter the amount you want to send or request.

Payment can be easily sent even without the installation of the Zelle app. The only limitation is that users can only add one bank account here.

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It’s Fast: Send money within minutes using just a mobile phone number or an email address.

This app is Safe: The Zelle payment mobile banking security guarantee allows you to send money with confidence.

It’s Easy: You can request or borrow money from your family & friends in one simple and easy transaction.

  • By: Early Warning Services, LLC
  • Play Store Rating: 4.2
  • License: Free
Download Zelle Payment App

9. Facebook Messenger Pay:

Facebook Messenger

As many of the users also have access to the FaceBook account, then why not get the payment option here. Users can easily send the other person payment even without signing in to another account.

As the payment option in FaceBook messenger is in private form. At the time of sending money, the person will get the money along with the info of your photo as well as your name.

Note: Payments in the Messenger feature are currently not available for every country. You can only send or receive the money you live in the US.

  • By: Facebook, Inc
  • Play Store Rating: 4.2
  • License: Free
Download Facebook Messenger App

10. Apple Pay:

Apple Pay

As understood by the name, Apple Pay allows for only iOS devices to access this. It’s the very safest way to pay and is also available with all apple devices.

It’s way simpler than the use of any physical card. They also offer many cashback services along with this. The best thing here is that users don’t have to spend much time here creating an account.

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You can use any Apple iOS device to play online and in stores. Apple is the easiest and best mobile payment app to use. Setup and use Apple Pay for your next purchase.

You can also use Apple Payment within different apps and sites. No need to enter your billing details just go for an Apple Pay payment method at checkout. Apple Payment is the most secure and easy way to pay.

  • By: Apple Inc.
Visit Here to Know More About Apple Pay
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