6 best bill-splitting apps you should not miss out on

Splitting bills and paying a fair share takes a lot of calculations. It is confusing and requires a lot of time to figure out the fair-share. The bill splitting apps make this process easier. In case, you haven’t heard about the bill- splitting apps, then allow me to introduce you to some of the best bill splitting apps of 2024.

Bill splitting apps are nothing but what their name suggests. These bill-splitting apps can be downloaded anytime and used to split bills between a group by offering a fair share to each and every one. The bill-splitting apps make the entire process of paying and save a lot of time.  Some of these apps also provide you several banking options by allowing you to link the app to your banks or any financial institutions.

These apps are considered to be a Saviour and save you from over-paying or under-paying when out with friends or family. Let it be trips or restaurants, now you can pay your share anywhere, anytime in the easiest ways. Here are the 6 best bill-splitting apps you should not miss out on:

5 Best Bill-Splitting Apps of 2024:

Splitwise Bill Splitting App

1. Splitwise:

Considered to be one of the best apps for bill-splitting, splitwise comes with commendable features. The app allows you to make a simple group of your friends and then split the bill equally. Moreover, you can pay anytime and the app will send you regular alerts reminding you to pay your share. You can pay slowly and the balance will be duly updated. The app also allows you to pay through Venmo and PayPal or make online payments of any kind to pay your share.


  • Free to use, available widely
  • Easy to pay and keeps you updated about the payment
  • Regular alerts


Settle Up Bill Splitting Apps

2. Settle Up:

If you are a person who generally struggles with making payments and manages bill-splitting, then this app is just the perfect choice for you. You can create a group, let it be solo or numerous people paying, you can split the bill and share expenses easily through e-mails or any social media. Your payment will be updated and the app makes it easier to use for international payment purposes too.


  • Free to use, User-friendly
  • Sharing expenses easily
  • Sync and regular back-up
  • Manual updating


Tab Bill Splitting App

3. Tab:

If you have a large friend group that is used to having expensive dinners leading to heavy confusion while splitting the bill, then the Tab bill-splitting app is your escape. Tab allows you to split bills easily irrespective of the amount and payers. You don’t have to enter details of the bill in this app, just take the picture of the bill along with the Tip and the app will split the bill within a few seconds.


  • Free to use, widely available.
  • User – friendly
  • Take a picture of the bill and have it split easily.
  • You can use online payment methods or cash as per your convenience.


Venmo Bill Splitting Apps

4. Venmo:

Venom is popular and the most used app for bill-splitting. Being a twin of PayPal, Venmo makes it easier to split bills and allows you to pay a fair share. You can link your bank accounts to the app and then pay easily either online or in cash and later update the amount.


  • Easy to use
  • Online payment methods at a single click
  • Link the app to your financial institutions or banks easily.


Splid Bill Splitting App

5. Splid:

Splid is the best app you should go for if you are a frequent traveler and you take a lot of trips with your friends often. Splid will let you split all expenses of a trip and lets you pay a fair-share. You can split other simple bills as well as share your grocery bills between your roommates. Apart from that, you can make a simple PDF format of all the expenses and keep a record of all your expenses easily.


  • User-friendly, available on all devices
  • Split huge expenses and the best app for splitting expenses for trips.
  • Store and save your expenses in a PDF format.


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