7 Best Parental Control Software for PC

Do you really know what your kids do online? Find out today.

In today’s generation, many kids have their own laptops, smartphones, or tablets. These gadgets are very much useful when it is for educational, safety, and entertainment purpose.

But it is also very much dangerous as they have access to the internet. Kids can go to any websites which may be age-restricted and sometimes dangerous.

Parents need to take care of their children’s laptops, tablets, and smartphone activity and for this parent control software is of great use.

Further, we shall see about what are parent control apps, what is the necessity, and choosing the best parent control software.

During the COVID-19 crisis, screen time has increased for many young people, they have more idle time on their hands, more time to access social media, more time to surf the internet.

While many parents balance work duties at home, online predators are taking advantage to connect with young people.

It is all the more crucial then, for the parents to heed their kid’s online activity, to use parental controls on their kid’s laptops and smartphones, to take time to talk with their kids about the dangers of the internet.

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What are parent control apps?

The parental control app is a security app that helps parents to set the contents that the kids can watch.

These apps continuously monitor the kid’s activity and keep parents informed about the child’s online activity.

There are some apps like YouTube that offer this feature in-built. We can download these apps on mobile phones, laptops, and tablets.

What is the necessity of parental control software?

Smartphones are definitely helpful for a kid in many ways, but they also allow kids to access to internet’s dangerous places or unwanted websites.

We should not only restrict the kids from bad websites but also educate them not to use those bad things.

With the help of parental control software, we can ensure unwanted content will not reach kids, and helps kids in time management, and provides extra protection for kid’s activity.

Choosing the best parent control software:

The best parent control software should filter the content and provide the contents only which is selected by parents, as too much usage of a phone is hazardous to the child’s eyes.

A parental control app should limit the screen time set by the parents, in some cases, it also should allow blocking of certain contacts, and these apps should provide activity reports of a child’s phone usage data.

And also parental control software should also be very trusted and should protect the data of the users, the app should have good privacy and security agreements.

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The data shall only be accessed by the parent and the company should not at any cost sell the data to a third person and moreover, it should have a user-friendly interface and very easy to use and provides the best-advanced features.


List of few Best Parental Control Software:

Best Parental Control Software


1. Qustodio:

This is one of the best parental control software and has a wide range of options. Although it’s a bit expensive, this is a very powerful parent control app.

Qustodio parent control software helps you understand and manage how your children use the internet while protecting them against bad things online like unsafe sites, cyber harassment, block pornography, and more.

Qustodio is a better way to protect your kids custodial helps you understand and manage how your kids use the internet while protecting them against bad things online.

Best of all it’s it has a cool and informative monitoring dashboard where you can view your kid’s activity online.

By: Qustodio
License: Free and Paid

Download Qustodio App


2. Kaspersky Safe Kids:

Kaspersky safe kids create to help you monitor your kid’s online activity. You can get a snapshot of the child’s activity, frequently visited websites, and search queries.

In this app you can also turn on monitoring for Facebook and other social media platforms. You can even track your child’s location with the help of Kaspersky safe kids’ parental control software.

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Kaspersky safe kids app can be installed in Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 PC, Mac, and smartphones as well. This has a lot of free features and the full version is available at a very affordable price.

By: Kaspersky Lab
License: Free and Paid

Download Kaspersky Safe Kids

3. Norton Family:

Norton family is the parental control software that helps parents or guardians monitor their children’s online activities.

After you successfully create your child’s profile on the device you can then monitor your child’s online activities through the Norton family for parent’s app on Android or iOS devices.

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To download and install the Norton Family app on your child’s device, you may use the download link given below.

Profile installation is required for an instant lock, time supervision, and other features to work on your child’s device.

By: NortonLifeLock Inc.
License: 6 Months Free

Download Norton Family app

4. Net Nanny:

Net Nanny gives you insight and power to guide your family to internet use and digital habits. With Net Nanny award-winning technology, you can protect your child from online dangers and limit the type of content and websites your kids may visit.

You can even schedule when your child can access the internet and social media. This has excellent web filtering technology and intuitive design. This is available for both Windows PC (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10) and Mac.

By: Content Watch Holdings, Inc
License: Paid

Download Net Nanny Software

5. Kidlogger:

KidLogger software collects data about user activity on Windows PC & Mac and provides a detailed report that shows you how time much your children have used PC or Mac.

You can also check which apps they installed, visited sites, with whom they communicate on Skype, Facebook, etc.

Download and try KidLogger parental and internet filtering software on any Windows PC & Mac and protect your kids from these internet websites that offer harmful content and block pornography.

Once you install and set up the Kidlogger app you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your family has the best protection available on their devices.

By: KidLogger.net
License: Free and Paid

Download KidLogger for Windows PC and Mac

6. Avast Omni:

You can’t control what’s on the internet, but you can control how your children use it with Avast Omni. With Avast Omni You can protect your kids online and offline.

The Avast Omni is a combined hardware and software solution that attaches to a home router to provide complete control of everything that is connected to it.

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This is one of the best parental control apps for controlling and monitoring your children. This is compatible with Windows and Android.

By: Avast Software
License: Paid

Download Avast Omni Family Member App


7. McAfee® Safe Family:

Keep your kids safe with McAfee Safe Family, monitor activities, and each kid’s device usage. Put restrictions on websites, games, and applications that are inappropriate or time-wasting.

Block the apps you don’t want your kids using. Filter web content you don’t want your kids to see.

Be aware of where your children are at all times with the location tracking feature. Track the location of your kids using GPS. Geofence notifies you when they leave an area.

With McAfee® Safe Family you can set limits and reward your kids with extra time. Create schedules for when your kids can use the devices and enjoy device-free family time.

By: McAfee
License: 30-Day Free Trial

Download McAfee Safe Family

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