8 Best Personal Finance Software of 2021

Let’s admit it, budgeting and planning your finances ahead is a pretty difficult task especially when you are new to financial planning. There are a lot of things you need to consider; plan your savings as well as expenses with care.

But then there are numerous perks of budgeting that range from being able to save a decent amount of money to cut off your unnecessary expenses- financial planning makes all of it possible.

However, modern-day financial planning has been made easier by the development of efficient finance software and applications. Yes! You heard that right; there are dozens of applications and software developed for the sole sake of finance management.

Personal finance and account management is not always about receipts, mortgages, and spreadsheets. It is about making the process of calculating your expenses, savings, and income a little easier than usual. This process of managing personal finances is simplified with the help of finance software.

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The finance record in the software is easier to store and back up via cloud storage or a hard drive. Simple finance software will help you manage your finances by providing you an easy-to-use interface.

However, a few personal finance software come with advanced features that will not only help you take care of your finances but also suggest you some amazing investing opportunities along with advice on clearing your debts. If you are looking for simple and easy-to-use personal finance software then keep reading.

Here is a list of best personal finance software in 2021:

Best personal finance software

1) Quicken:

Quicken has been around as an amazing finance management tool for a long time. It is popular finance management software available for your PC and as an application on your smartphone.

The software offers a wide range of financial services and tools. These tools range from budgeting tools, investment, and paying bills. You can manually insert your income and your expenses as well as categorize them as per your ease.

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This will help you keep a track of your expenses and compare how much you have been spending against your earnings. You can also keep a track of your bill payments, and keep all the details about your accounts in a single place.

You can also keep a track of your investments, giving a clear idea of your worth with a single time. It is the best app for all your financial management requirements.

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best financial planning software

2) Mint:

Mint is considered to be the best personal finance app for budgeting in 2021. It is top-rated and popular for its expense tracking tools. You can sync your bank account to the software, and this will help you analyze your credit card information with a few taps.

This will also help you improve your finances, and also set up notifications or alerts for any due bill payments. You can categorize your finances as per your choices, and also avoid expensive fees on late payments by bill tracking features.

Mint will give you realistic information about your expenses and bank accounts that will help you keep a track of your money easily.

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budget tracker app

3) YNAB:

If you are new to finance management and budgeting then You Need a Budget, or YNAB is just the finance software you must go for. YNAB is one of the highly-rated and popular finance management software and applications of all time.

This personal finance software will guide you through financial planning; give you beneficial insights on investments and budgeting along with helping in improving your financial literacy.

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Moreover, the software also provides tutorials on how to manage finances and plan your budget. With YNAB you can build better financial habits. You will also get a complete analysis of your expenses, and budget tracking.

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personal accounting software

4) Banktree:

Banktree will help you manage your finances in multiple currencies. If you are a frequent traveler and have a hard time managing your finances, then Banktree is just the right option to go for. This personal finance software will offer a balance between managing multiple currencies.

Moreover, it will give you a clear analysis of your expenses, and bank account in the form of a neat report. The software comes with a free trial period that will allow you to experiment with the software and then decide if you want to spend a few bucks to have unlimited access.

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free personal budget software

5) Money Dashboard:

Money Dashboard is a single-stop solution to all your financial problems. You can link your bank accounts to the software and then keep track of your balance with a single tap.

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The software is available on all devices, and easily accessible. It also helps in creating a detailed report and analysis of your expenses and budget. Moreover, it is considered to be highly secure and will improve your financial habits.

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free personal accounting software

6) Personal Capital:

There can hardly be a finance software or application as efficient as Personal Capital. It is one of the most highly rated and popular personal finance software of all time. You will also get beneficial financial advice that will help you in a better investment.

It is will help you connect your bank accounts and credit card accounts along with investment accounts to a single platform. You will have access to an overall picture of your finances on a single platform that is easily accessible.

The basic financial tools offered by Personal Capital are available for free. If you are looking for personal finance software that will help you with investment then Personal capital is the right choice to go for.

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free personal finance software for windows 10

7) TurboTax:

If you are new to financial planning and have a hard time managing your taxes then TurboTax is the best personal finance software you must go for. It can disguise as your savior while paying and keeping a track of your taxes.

You can insert your tax information manually or take a picture of the report and the software will transfer the information to the form.

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TurboTax Live connects you with a CPA or Enrolled Agent to give you personalized advice and answer questions about your tax return. You can also uncover your deductions via the paid version. Isn’t that amazing?

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best financial planning software for individuals

8) Mvelopes:

Considered to be the best personal finance software for zero-budgeting software, Mvelopes will help you stick to a specific budget and manage your finances along. The software will allow you to break down your budget into little envelopes with a particular amount of cash present in them.

You can use that Mvelopes once and you are done. You can meet your financial goals, sync your bank accounts and set your income. After creating the envelopes, you can easily keep a track of your budget, and expenses in check.

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