20+ Hardest Pattern Locks for Android Phone

The screen pattern lock is one of the best & secure ways to access our mobile phones. Using the pattern we can restrict anyone who is able to access our mobile phones without our permission.

The personal data that is on our phones is something that we give a lot of importance, especially sensitive and private data like messages, emails, Whatsapp, bank, and other payment apps.

Nowadays every android smartphone comes with a default screen lock like a fingerprint, PIN, & pattern lock, in case you don’t have one then don’t worry Google Play store has a number of apps you can download for free.

There are millions of people who are still using their phones without a fingerprint and face unlock and for those people here we come with some hardest pattern locks because of the feeling of security it gives.

The pattern password is a type of screen lock that gives med-level security and consists of joining several dots on the screen by making a drawing. When every time you lock your screen it will ask you for the Pattern to enter.

In case you forgot and draws the incorrect unlock pattern after 5 attempts, your android mobile phone will ask you to wait 30 seconds before trying it again.

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And remember if you forget your pattern lock or security password then you will be asked to sign in using your Gmail account and create a new screen unlock.

20+ Most Difficult & Hardest Pattern Locks for Android Phone:

1. Android Pattern Lock:

hardest pattern locks

2. Android Pattern Lock:

difficult pattern lock

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3. Android Pattern Lock:

most difficult pattern lock

4. Android Pattern Lock:

5. Android Pattern Lock:

top 10 impossible pattern lock

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6. Android Pattern Lock:

toughest pattern lock

7. Android Pattern Lock:

hardest pattern password

8. Android Pattern Lock:

difficult password patterns

9. Android Pattern Lock:

difficult pattern lock for phone

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10. Android Pattern Lock:

hardest screen lock

11. Android Pattern Lock:

hardest pattern lock in the world

12. Android Pattern Lock:

difficult screen lock

13. Android Pattern Lock:

world hardest patterns

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14. Android Pattern Lock:

very difficult locks

15. Android Pattern Lock:

very difficult password

16. Android Pattern Lock:

toughest password

17. Android Pattern Lock:

toughest screenlock

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18. Android Pattern Lock:

patern screenlock

19. Android Pattern Lock:

pattan lock

20. Android Pattern Lock:

pattan locks

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21. Android Pattern Lock:

hard pattern lock

22. Android Pattern Lock:

hard patten Lock


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