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Pattern Lock, for Windows 8 mobile phones and tablets, is a tool used to restrict access to applications, there is also encryption support for folders where personal data such as photos, messages, chats, emails, and notes are included.

The pattern lock for Windows 8 mobile phone-protected tile that you create through this application acquires lock-on the tile only not the application itself. The user can open the application from the app list. This is due to a Windows phone system limitation that does not allow the third-party app to acquire a lock on the application.

You can easily select the app which you want to make private or protected. It’s an easy-to-use and powerful tool that can be activated or deactivated at any time. You can also lock Home Widgets and status bars if you want.

This app will make your life easier you can lock your personal files and folders, and Facebook or Whatsapp accounts on the phone and prevent anyone else from seeing it. Thanks to the pattern lock application, your children will no longer be able to play with your mobile phone’s settings.

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Pattern Lock for Windows Phone

This app is designed for all those users who want to protect their apps with some extra security. Just swipe to draw the pattern of your choice and keep your important apps more secure. The best pattern lock app for Windows phones and tablets.

Download Details:

File Name: Pattern Lock for Windows 8 Mobile

Download Size: 4.45 MB

OS: Windows 8 Mobile

License: Free Download

Publisher: Smart Developer

Language: English

Rating: Excellent


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