Signal Vs Whatsapp Vs Telegram Features – Which App is More Secure?

Is my personal data safe on Whatsapp? is Signal messenger better than Whatsapp? is Signal more secure than Whatsapp? Signal vs Whatsapp vs Telegram which onis better?

Now, these are some questions that keep popping up and no one is getting a satisfactory answer.

Ever since WhatsApp Messenger has updated and revised its privacy policy it has sparked concern giving the data sharing with Facebook and its partnered companies.

The notification of this new privacy policy has made many WhatsApp users absolutely unhappy or say worried so let me give you a quick explanation of what this privacy policy means?

In case you agree with WhatsApp’s new policy you will be given access to some of your important information on Facebook via WhatsApp. But now the question comes what kind of information does this include?

Well, you will be sharing your mobile phone’s battery percentage, signal strength, browsing history, and mobile operator data such as your mobile phone number, your sim card network, your transaction details, and your IP (Internet Protocol) address as well.

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So that is why after this major policy change Whatsapp users are looking for alternative chat messenger now and there are two alternatives we have been hearing from last few days these are called Telegram and Signal.

But should you really switch to telegram or signal and remove the Whatsapp application? read this post to find out what should you exactly do?

Recently once again Whatsapp came up with a clarification that none of your personal data, chat, photos, videos, or voice calls are going to be shared and none of your data is going to be leaked anywhere everything is end-to-end encrypted.

Now even though Whatsapp has cleared the air on these but because of all these questions, there are two other best-messaging apps known as Telegram & Signal which have to light as well.

Let’s have a detailed look at these other messaging apps and what kind of features they offer and what kind of data they collect in return.

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Read all the important details about the telegram and signal app which you must know before using these apps.

Signal vs Whatsapp vs Telegram

Signal Vs Whatsapp Vs Telegram Features:

1. Security:

Starting up our comparison between Whatsapp, Telegram, & Signal with a very important parameter that’s security. Let’s see which app is more secure Signal Vs Whatsapp Vs Telegram.

• Whatsapp: Up until now end-to-end encryption has been a staple thing on Whatsapp which obviously means all your voice messages, voice calls, videos, pictures, & everything is end-to-end encrypted and it’s absolutely safe with WhatsApp but that’s going to change now soon.

• Telegram: Coming on to telegram let me be honest here and tell you that telegram does not offer end-to-end encryption the only way you can avail of end-to-end encryption on telegram is by using a special feature here that is called the secret chat feature. If you want to know more about this feature keep reading this post as we will be disclosing more about this feature soon.

• Signal: When it comes to signal it has by far the best security feature beat at the back end and the user side of the service. The signal follows an open-source signal protocol that implements end-to-end encryption which obviously means no other third-party app or even signal can read any of your messages. So in short when it comes to security signal sounds way more sorted than telegram and WhatsApp messenger.

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2. Groups:

Moving on to another important feature which is groups. We all know that WhatsApp allows us to add 256 users to a group.

On the other hand, telegram allows us to add at least two lakh members in a group that’s a big number, and coming on to signal, it allows us to add only 150 members in a group.

So, we would say in the group feature telegram app takes a maximum number and adding 2 lakh members in a group is obviously an amazing feature.

3. Audio & Video Calls:

When it comes to audio and video calls 3 of these messaging apps support this feature perfectly.

4. File Sharing:

Now moving on to the file-sharing option which is another important feature. Whatsapp allows you to share files up to 100 MB in size and the same is the case with the signal, but when it comes to telegram it allows you to share files up to 1.5 GB.

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When it comes to photos, videos and file sharing telegram allows you to send files in a compressed or an uncompressed version that’s totally up to you which way you want to send it to your friends or family.

So when we talk about the file-sharing among three of these apps telegram takes the lead and it offers amazing features.

5. Status:

Here comes the next amazing feature which is Whatsapp status. On WhatsApp, you can add photos, GIFs, or videos as your Whatsapp status that can be seen by your family or friends easily.

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But this feature is not supported on telegram or signal but given the fact that these apps are getting so popular you never know in the future you might get this feature soon on these apps.

6. Contact Sharing:

Coming on our comparison list next feature is contact sharing so basically what happens on WhatsApp is if you want to find someone on WhatsApp you have to have their contact number and if you want to directly message them you have to first save their contact number then only you’ll be able to send them messages or share any files which itself is a tedious process.

So on telegram, if you want to find someone you just have to have their user id which means even if you don’t have their phone number you can message them with their user id.

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This also means if you don’t want to give your contact number to someone you can give them your user id and you can message them and you can share files or whatever you want to do.

7. Data Collection:

Moving on to another feature is data collector when it comes to data collection signal is the app that acts minimal and coolest it only stores your phone number and your contact details.

Moving on to telegram it also more or less behaves the same way, telegram stores your contact details, your phone number, and your user id only.

But when it comes to WhatsApp it asks you for a lot of information such as your device id, user id, phone number, email address, contacts, payment info, etc. So when it comes to data collection according to me signal works the best.

8. Disappearing Messages:

Telegram offers a secret chat option where one person can create a chat where messages cannot be forwarded it also gives you a self-destructing message option where you can set a specific period of time and after that messages will be disappeared from both the sites.

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With signal though you don’t have the secret chat option, you can still turn on the disappearing messages option in which you can set a specific period of time duration and after which messages will be disappeared but till that time messages can be forwarded.

9. Edit Sent Messages:

The next useful feature is editing sent SMS you may all know of this very useful feature on WhatsApp messenger you cannot edit but you can permanently delete the messages you have already sent in a specific time period.

But telegram allows you to edit the messages you have sent already but when it comes to signal it does not have this feature currently this feature is an absolute blessing for those who make a lot of mistakes and typos while sending messages.

10. Chat Lock:

The last and amazing feature is chat lock the telegram app allows you to lock your chat by doing some changes in your settings you can easily lock or unlock your chats by just tapping on the lock icon but when it comes to WhatsApp or signal none of these apps have this amazing feature.

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So these are the 2 most popular alternative messaging apps which are telegram and signal so now it’s your time to make a choice would you like to stick to WhatsApp or you would like to switch to telegram or signal.

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