20 Best RPG Games for Android & iOS

Role-play games (RPG) are always exciting. They are the best games to uplift the mood. Despite the small screen in mobile RPG manages to take us to a story-driven fantasy world for some time.

These games are the greatest entertainers for a short time. Google play store has plenty of RPG for mobile some of the better 20 RPGs among them are suggested below.

Best RPG Games for Mobile


20 Best RPG Games for Android & iOS:


1. Shadow Fight 3:

Shadow Fight 3

Shadow Fight game from NEKKI is a top franchise of the RPG section. The third version of this game that is Shadow Fight 3 is one of the advances and trending RPGs.

This ultimate ninja fight game has constant battles and exciting actions. In this game, there are three clans fighting over each other. You can choose the character’s look and weapon and collect tons of weapons, armors, and unlock special abilities.

We can choose our faction and move with the storyline. We have a huge map where we need to travel across the places and fight against opponents.

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There are 3 different fighting skills which we learn on the way. Move across the map by defeating powerful bosses. This is an action-packed and entertaining fighting RPG.

By: Nekki Limited

License: Free

Download Shadow Fight 3 Role-Playing Game

Life After

2. LifeAfter:

This game is all about survival in the midst of greatest threats. This game provides a situation where the world is no more peaceful but full pandemics.

You have to stay calm and try to find a way to save the lives of survivors who are constantly threatened by various viruses, diseases, drought, and cold, etc.

We need to explore every inch of that post-apocalyptic world and survive in the midst of a broken-down city that is full of infected people. We need to find food for survival and heal wounds and protect ourselves.

Sometimes we need to kill the other survivors for survival and be extra careful as the other survivors may attack for loot. We can share food and other things with friendly survivors.

By: NetEase Games

License: Free

Download LifeAfter Role-Playing Game for mobile

3. Hero Wars – Hero Fantasy Multiplayer Battles:

Hero Wars

This is a fantasy adventure battle RPG where we have arena battles, guild wars, and RPG battle campaigns to fight for ultimate power.

We have to defend and clear the attack by Evil lands. This has a huge collection of mightiest heroes and we need to unlock all their abilities.

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Hundreds of enemy Bosses, Archdemons, and other hell-born characters, thousands of epic multiplayer battles to join make this game more attractive.

By: Nexters Global LTD

License: Free

Download Hero Wars – Hero Fantasy Multiplayer Battles

4. WWE Champions 2020:

WWE Champions 2020

The craze for WWE in people is unmatchable, games on WWE has evolved as one of the most entertaining RPGs of all time. Now, this can also be played on mobile phones.

WWE Champions 2020 is one of the top-grossing RPG among all other WWE games. This is an action and puzzle battle’s RPG. We can compete in NXT, Raw, and Smackdown contests.

We can collect over 200 WWE Superstars which includes many legends. You can customize the moves and upgrade the team by winning matches and this game allows us to design battles. We can hire trainers to increase the skills of Superstars.

New content gets unlocked every time we move to the next league. All these features and many more things in this game, make this the best WWE RPG ever.

By: Scopely

License: Free

Download WWE Champions 2020 RPG Game for mobile

5. RAID: Shadow Legends:

Raid: Shadow Legends

This is a battle in the dark fantasy world RPG. This has a visually stunning and realistic graphics with hundreds of Champions from 16 playable factions.

The aim of the character in this game is to save the world of Teleria, for that we need to recruit many of its legendary warriors from light and darkness.

We need to train the warriors and assign them the living weapons and thereby building the strongest warrior group ever. Fight against powerful bosses for loot, XP, Champion drops, and more powerful gears.

PVP Arena, visceral 3D artwork, epic gameplay, strategy-oriented, hassle-free autoplay, etc. all these things make this game an epic battle game.

By: Plarium Global Ltd

License: Free

Download RAID: Shadow Legends Role-Playing Game

6. Darkness Rises:

Darkness Rises

This is a fantasy battle game where we need to fight against demons to be a legendary warrior. Darkness rises is an Action RPG with stunning graphics, innovative gameplay, and epic boss battles.

The Darkness spreads across the world bringing in ferocious demons to breach our gates is the storyline of this game. Here we need to descend into hell to destroy the evil before it takes over our world.

We have legendary heroes with us for this epic battle journey. We have the option to customize the characters so as to fit our imagination of legendary heroes.

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There is a player versus player arena where we can smash the monsters with the unique power skills of the heroes. The objective in this game is “Conquer the darkness before it conquers you”. This gives us the true RPG experience like no other does.

By: NEXON Company

License: Free

Download Darkness Rises Role-Playing Game for mobile

7. Game of Sultans:

Games of Sultan

Game of Sultans is an empire stimulation RPG where we have the opportunity to experience the lifestyle of the Sultans.

The detailing in this game is very perfect and the player can immerse themselves into how brutal was, military management, empire management, coquettish romance, and much more.

Being a Sultan, we have all the experience like commanding, romance with queens, recruiting council of warlords, and raising the children from birth to adult.

We can compete against other players worldwide through PvP and can make friends and enemies. This is the best game for the all-around experience of raising a kingdom.

By: Mechanist

License: Free

Download Game of Sultans Role-Playing Game

8. Age of Magic: Turn-Based Magic RPG & Hero Strategy:

Age of Magic

This is a fantasy RPG of mages, knights, and dragons. This game is about legions of epic heroes fighting on the remnants of the ancient magical world.

We need to form our own squad of 5 heroes and discover the story in campaign mode. In PvP battles, we need to defeat other players to reach the top in the Arena.

Age of Magic is a game which has full of heroism, war, wizardry, rush, treachery, and experiences the untold wonder.

Select a hero among dozens of available heroes and increase their level to face fast-paced battles in grand arenas. There are lots of other modes for battle, making this game better in every aspect.

By: Playkot Limited

License: Free

Download Age of Magic RPG Game for mobile

9. Art of Conquest: Dark Horizon:

Art of Conquest

This is a fantasy game where we need to slay the criminal dragons with the team of legendary heroes. We need to surround enemy bases to expand our kingdom.

Play against other players across the world in epic real-time battles. Explore the new continent and journey between realms for new challenges.

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Train dragons by collecting eggs by raiding into dragon lairs. We can summon dozens of mythical heroes and choose from five mighty races to raise our army.

Control hundreds of warriors on the battlefield, real-time duels with friends, epic boss fights for loot, all these are the features of this game.

By: Lilith Games

License: Free

Download Art of Conquest RPG Game for mobile

10. Summoners War:

Summoners War

This is an action-packed fantasy RPG where we can summon our team from over a thousand different monsters.

This strategic game has the option to decorate our village and choose an additional ability for our monster among the set of 21 different Runes.

Battle against other summoners, explore dungeons, fight PvP battles, expanding our collection of monsters, train monsters, and much more fun part is present in this game.

Collection of over 1000 monsters based 5 attributes like fire, water, wind, light, and dark. Collect as many monsters as possible to build a strong team.

We can craft over 100 new items and enjoy real-time arena battles with players worldwide. This also has guild content and dimension hole modes making this game more interesting.

By: Com2uS Corp.

License: Free

Download Summoners War Role-Playing Game

11. Taptap Heroes:

Taptap Heroes

This is a simple, casual, and strategic RPG. This has a continent called Mystia where heroes are gathered. Tapping features in this game allows us to defeat the various wave of enemies.

This also has idle gameplay which heroes fight automatically if we are inactive for 7 hours or less. You can upgrade heroes and provide new costumes and armor and there are over 200 heroes across 6 different factions.

We need to watch for an elusive goblin who will attempt to loot our earnings. We can compete against other players and check our rankings through leaderboards.

By: Ajoy Lab

License: Free

Download Taptap Heroes Role-Playing Game

13. MARVEL Strike Force – Squad RPG:

MARVEL Strike Force

Everyone likes superhero games especially the Marvel Superheroes. MARVEL Strike Force is a battle game of saving Earth from villains.

This is an action-packed, visually-stunning, and free-to-play RPG in which there will be an assault on Earth and Super Heroes are working to stop it.

Many top heroes of Marvel Comics are used in this game. We need to recruit our force and form a squad that includes Marvel’s Superheroes and Supervillains as well.

We can upgrade the strength and outfits of the characters. Pair up the characters such that they can take down the enemies easily.

By: Scopely

License: Free

Download MARVEL Strike Force – Squad RPG

13. The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross:

The Seven Deadly Sins

This is a cinematic anime RPG that has a novel approach to combat. The dynamic combat system helps to feel the thrill of battles. We can create our own strategies to take down opponents.

This has a PvP mode, deathmatch mode where two players can play together to defeat the giant demon. There’s Arena mode where we can compete with players around the world.

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We can build our own team from the seven deadly sins and assemble the heroes. Option to customize the hairstyle and outfits of the characters.

By: Netmarble Corporation

License: Free

Download The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross

14. Brave Dungeon:

Brave Dungeon

This is an Idle RPG with a light strategic battle and exploration game. Collect heroes and deploy them in battles strategically to win.

This game has roguelike dungeons, mysterious stories and we can recruit the bravest guards from over 500 maps.

We can collect over 200 heroes and wisely form teams from hundreds of heroes of 4 different classes in 6 different factions with unique skills.

This also has auto-battling, auto chess, tower of killing, and many such features, which gives us the true idle RGP experience.

By: Unlock Game

License: Free

Download Brave Dungeon Role-Playing Game

15. Looney Tunes World of Mayhem – Action RPG:

Looney Tunes

Looney Tunes will be a favorite TV Show for many people even now.This is a battle RPG where we need to collect the cartoon characters and fight.

This is a fun and action-packed RPG where we can collect our favorite character, discover their unique fighting abilities, and use cartoon gags as special attacks.

We can build our own team with these characters and take down enemies. Battle with turn-based strategy and cartoon combats, we can also play PvP matches that have more rewards.

This also has features like online multiplayer battles and world-building where we can create our dream city for the Looney Tunes characters.

By: Scopely

License: Free

Download Looney Tunes World of Mayhem

16. DC Legends: Fight Superheroes:

DC Legends

DC comics are equally famous as Marvels. The iconic Superman, Batman, and others are from DC.

This is a battle RPG that has all the legends (Both Super Heroes and Super-Villains) of DC universe and we can recruit them to form a roster.

There is an exciting story mode across DC’s iconic locations. Each character has its own super ability as in comics. Strategically use the roster to win multiplayer battles.

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Upgrade the characters to improve their powers and also upgrade the character’s iconic gears for better use of them in battles.

This also has player versus player event so that we can join with friends, team up and take down Alliance raid bosses together.

By: Warner Bros.

License: Free

Download DC Legends: Fight Superheroes

17. Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes:

Star Wars

This is a battle RPG of the iconic Star Wars. In this game, we can fight with our favorite light and dark side heroes across the iconic locations to become the master of the galaxy.

We can create and customize our dream squad using characters of all time. We can upgrade the character’s special ability and fight in different modes like Squad Cantina Battles, PvP Squad Arena, and Squad tournaments.

You can collect and upgrade the iconic Starships and massive Capital Ships and engage in epic battles using them. We can create and customize Guilds and fight against bosses with friends.

By: Electronic Arts

License: Free

Download Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

18. MU Origin 2:

MU Origin

This is a battle RPG of the legendary MU kingdom. This is a very advanced game in terms of technology and quality of making. This has intense player versus player game mode and cross-server battles.

This has an advanced 3D graphic which makes this game visually rich and this game has exquisite art and design.

This offers to select between the three characters of MU Origin. We can customize the character with tons of gear, wings, and other fashion options.

By: Wenzen Inc.

License: Free

Download MU Origin 2 Role-Playing Game

19. Idle Heroes:

Idle Heroes

This is a unique battle RPG where we need to form heroes and battle to win. We can set our heroes training while we’re away and when we return they’ll be stronger and gained new abilities.

This has more than 200 heroes in a different faction with unique skills. Train the heroes and forge magical gears and outfits for them.

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This has tons of modes such as battleground galore, Mysterious towers, arena, guild, and much more. This has a Guild war where we can fight with friends and join multiplayer boss-battles.

By: DHGames Limited

License: Free

Download Idle Heroes Role-Playing Game

20. Sky: Children of the Light:

Sky Children of the Light

Finally, this social adventure RPG is set to warm our hearts. In this game, we need to explore a beautifully animated kingdom with the loved ones. In this game, we can explore 7 dreamlike realms.

Team up with other players to adventure into darker realms, save spirits, and discover ancient treasure. There’s an option for character customization, sharing gifts of lights with friends.

This has very unique and peaceful music for which players are attracted. The scenic and surreal world in this game is relaxing while exploring.

By: Thatgamecompany Inc

License: Free

Download Sky: Children of the Light RPG Game

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