How Do You Make Money on Instagram? 3 Easy Ways for 2022

That was the time when Instagram was founded just for sharing photos & videos and staying connected with friends and relatives.

Now Instagram has evolved and it’s been used for several other purposes. Marketing is one such application, where people can advertise their enterprise and reach millions in a very short span of time.

Instagram has more than 800 million users across the world. This is enough for us to understand how far we can reach with this platform.

Though most people use it for time to pass, some clever people use it to earn money also. Since most people have an Instagram account, it’s a better platform to reach many.

A study says that 80% of Instagram users follow a business, and 30% of them also purchase the product on their first discovery itself. Here are a few professional ways to earn money through Instagram.

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How Do You Make Money on Instagram

How Do You Make Money on Instagram?

1. Become an Influencer:

To earn money through this either we need to be an influencer or tie up with an influencer. In order to be an influencer, we need to do a lot of things. There are a few steps to be followed in order to become a social media influencer,

  • Have more followers
  • Create effective contents
  • Keep posting content regularly

Many people fail to get a great number of followers. If we have more followers then we can reach more people with very little effort.

How to gain more followers?

  • Here are a few methods to increase followers. Create a business account that is just for influencers and this has many features that normal accounts don’t have.
  • Post visually attractive, creative, and high-quality pictures and videos regularly using maximum hashtags and a location.
  • Provide ads using the posts and reach many people of a particular region.
  • Seek help from other popular influencers for promotion.

When we gain a good number of followers many brands will rush to us for promotion, which fetches us a good amount of money.

Brand collaboration, sponsoring posts for other brands, and many other ways will open to us if we have a great number of followers.

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2. Sell Your Products:

Instagram can be used as a platform for marketing our products. Usually, Entrepreneurs need this kind of platform. It is required to have a large number of followers. Hence, being an influencer has its own advantages.

Sometimes it won’t be possible to be one. But nothing to worry, about selling our own product is not necessary to be an influencer. We can gain followers without posting motivational quotes and other unnecessary stuff.

We just need to create posts that are visually rich, very creative, and provide ads. People who will be looking for such products will immediately respond to the ad and also share it with others. We have two categories for this,

  • Digital products
  • Physical products

Digital products include online courses, e-books, photographs, paintings, graphic design templates, and other such facilities.

While Physical includes real goods, raw materials, etc., where we need to manufacture the product and sell it by delivering the goods to customers.

3. Become an Affiliate:

Being affiliated with a particular organization is one of the great and easy ways of earning money through Instagram. As the name says, we need to promote an organization.

We earn if we sell the product of an organization, by providing a link through our post. It’s a simple commission business. Here we are supposed to refer to the product or organization.

We have our referral code which we have to publicize and make sure more and more people are joining using our code so that we get more benefits. To make this a more strong income source, we need to have more followers.

This is how we can earn money through the Instagram social media platform. We just need to be intelligent enough to identify the advantages of anything.

Back then, when they start Instagram no one ever knew that one day this could become such a huge platform for marketing.

Although there are many other ways of earning through Instagram these are the top, easy and effective ways.

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