How to Get More Comments on Your Blog or Website?

Learn how to get more of your blog post readers to comment on your blog. This article offers a list of things you should know in order to compel your readers to always leave helpful comments on your blog posts.

There’s no faster way to get people to comment than to write about a subject with some controversy surrounding it. This type of post can create many comments, as you’ll have people on both sides wanting to give their point of view.

You can end up with very long conversations on this kind of topic; the only thing to watch out for is too much emotion, which can lead to insults and flame wars.

The kind of engagement you get from your readers with such posts will be high, which makes them worth it. This is an effective way to create some buzz around your blog, but it will require more moderation than your average post.

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How to Get More Comments to Your Blog or Website?

Asking Questions: An effective method to get people to comment more on your blog is to finish off your posts with a question. This will lead to people offering their opinions in the form of comments.

Rather than copying what others are saying, make your posts original in some way. Infuse your own personality into the posts so that your readers are able to connect with you.

People are more likely to comment when there’s a real personality behind the posts. The No-Follow Tag Should be Deactivated: This is a simple way to start getting more comments to your blog right away.

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You’ll be able to generate lots of relevant comments to your blog on a daily basis when you deactivate the “no follow” ref. You can download the “Nofollow Case by Case” plugin if you’re using WordPress and install it.

When you use this plugin, this allows people who comment to get link juice from their links by removing the default “no follow” ref.

A WordPress Plugin Called “Subscribe to Comments”: Installing this on your blog will help both you and your readers by giving them the chance to subscribe to posts that they’re interested in.

This feature can be very powerful, as it will encourage readers to keep returning to your site every time there’s a new comment on the post they’ve subscribed to.

This type of notification system can work well, as a reader who returns to check out the new comments is also likely to leave a new comment himself, and so on.

A new blog with hardly any comments isn’t going to be immediately overrun with them, but you can certainly increase the activity over a period of time.

You will have to work on providing real value to your readers and give them high-quality content that’s useful. If your blog posts contain first-rate content, people will automatically want to comment on them.

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