Download Google AdSense App (APK File) for Android Device

AdSense also popularly known as Google Adsense is a product of Google LLC through which many websites and blogger publishers show text, image, and video ads, or interactive ads that are basically targeted to the blog content and visitors. These Adsense ads are administered and managed by Google.

AdSense is an easy way for publishers to display responsive, ads on their blog posts and make money online. The Google ads are somewhat related to what your visitors are browsing on your website or blog when relevant advertisements show on your site, interested users will click on them and Google pays you as per CPC.

The Google ads program means more money and less maintenance for you, with zero investment and technical skill all you have to do is think of better ways to monetize and increase your site content. Discover your blog’s full revenue potential. Download the Google AdSense APK file for any Android mobile phone and tablet device.

The Adsense mobile app has better content, and it will allow you to receive alerts & notifications when there are problems or opportunities. If you are one of those who open the Adsense app every hour to see how your daily income is going as the day passes, then this app is very useful for you. Google AdSense is available in more than 40 different languages.

AdSense mobile app is the easiest way to track your daily income and get important updates from Google direct on your Android mobile phone. With a mobile app, you can easily check how many ads were displayed, mobile page views, click-through rate, and more. Download the mobile app APK file from the given link or from the Google play store.

Google Adsense App

Google AdSense App Key Features:

  • Easy to track your daily earnings.
  • Secure & easy-to-use for simple stuff.
  • Check estimated earnings, page views, impressions, clicks, page CTR, impression CTR, CPC, Page RPM, impression RPM,
  • Google AdSense supports 40+ different languages.
  • Lightweight and user-friendly interface.
  • Monitor your ad performance.
  • Check your daily, weekly, or monthly earnings online.
  • See the top sites, URL tracking, channels, custom tracking, ad units, countries, and more.
  • Auto-refresh feature with 15 minutes of interval.
  • You can view key data from the AdSense account.
  • The app gives you an account overview & complete performance reports.
  • Access the account earnings report through a resizable widget.

Download Details:

File Name: Google AdSense App

Download Size: 2.92 (APK Size)

OS: Android 4.0 or later

Version: 3.3 (Latest Version)

License: Free Download

File Type: .APK

Language: Multiple Languages

Publisher: Google LLC


Rating: Excellent

Category: Free Mobile Apps

Download Google AdSense APK for Android Device

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