How to Increase Google Adsense CPC?

Google Adsense is well known best online advertising network which suits for every type of website or blogs. It also pays far better than any other online advertising network.

For niche website you may get numbers of relevant ads which not only increase the quality of your site but it also make your visitors to click on it.

The Google ad network is both for newer and for professionals. There are numbers of ad formats are available online and you can even customize ads as per your convenient you can also allow or block any particular advertiser or particular category.

You can accept direct advertisements with Double-Click for Publisher and serve ads from Google Ads service for Publisher. Different modes of payment are available with low payout threshold.

These are several features offered by Google Adsense which is much better than any other ad networks for Advertisers and for Publishers as well.

If you have an Google Adsense Approval and you wish to put the ads on your website or blog. Google bots will automatically optimizes your website and generate more relevant ads into your website.

But still if you not generating the enough revenue through Google Adsense then you must try some of these and am sure you will never regret as I personally tried for myself,

Does Google Adsense earning depends only on CPC may be or may not be the other factors like page views, click-through-rate (CTR), RPM and keywords also matters and affect Google Adsense earning.

How to Increase Adsense CPC

How to Increase Adsense CPC for Website or Blog?

These are the 10 excellent ways which may helps you to increase your adsense cost per click for website or blog.

1. Low CPC Ads:

Adsense has two types of advertisements one is cheap and and another is high paying. adsense serves the advertisements as per your website quality but you can still eliminate manually the low CPC ads by using ad filter from your adsense account.

2. Google Analytics:

Google analytics is the best solution which show you the rich insights of your website traffic. Google analytics is a very powerful tool with easy to use features which help you to see and analyze your complete traffic data.

3. Ad Sizes:

One of the most important and popular Ad sizes are 720 × 90, 300 × 250, 160 × 600 These ad sizes have very high cost per click.

4. Ad Placement:

Google bots serve ads by “text” and “content” The HTML page has many coding like header, footer, body, analytics code and many other tracking codes which actually weakens your website pages.

So target Ads that make bots to optimize and index only your website main content by modifying navigation of your whole website. It not only helps Google bots to serve the relevant ads but you can also start showing high-paying ads into your website.

5. Ad Types:

Google Adsense offer so many types of ads including text, image, animated image, rich media, flash and video but many people avoid text ads and go with multimedia ads which quite appealing to visitors but use both text and image ads as well.

6. Ads Location:

As per Google Adsense you can put only three ad units on a single web page and the 1st ad unit have highest cost per click than 2nd and 3rd. If you not target the right location it may appear anywhere on the web page.

7. High Traffic:

Analyze your adsense report which helps you to know the high CPC countries and focus on generating more quality traffic from those countries.

8. Custom Channels:

Custom channels are like folders which provides you with the data which make you understand that which layouts is useful and work the best on your website.

9. Website Quality:

Do not copy the content from some other website add high quality and unique content to every single web page. Hire an SEO professional and gain some quality back links from high page rank websites. These may increase Google page rank of your website, domain authority and page authority.

10. Adsense Heat Map:

Last but not least Google released the adsense heat map which shows the best ads position for a particular website or blog. You can see the adsense heat map below.

The dark red section is the best locations for ads and other orange and yellow section are average

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