7 Free & Best Educational Apps for Kids (6 to 12 Years Age)

Kids easily get engaged in mobile phones. You often give them mobile phones to keep them busy so that you may complete your work without any interruption, to take away their attention from something they were crying for.

Children get happy when they are using electronic devices. They can easily sit for hours while playing games and having fun on their mobile phones and later you might regret their high screen time which could affect their eyesight.

But, at the same time, it is important to introduce them to technology in this modern age. If kids would not get aware of the technology, it might trouble them in the future as being aware of the technology and basic electronic devices is the need for time.

As we all know that in today’s world everything is available online; from basic household things to clothes, books, electronic devices, and games everything is available online.

There are many children who are may not involve in any kind of physical activity or outdoor games they are addicted to indoor games on their mobile and PC.

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So, parenting comes with the responsibility that you need to teach your children about the good and the bad that may happen with them while using the technological tools.

You can teach your kid how to use technology precisely so that it can benefit them. You can also reduce your guilt for letting them use a mobile phone for hours by teaching them about the “educational apps”.

You can easily download and try one or the other best educational apps for kids on your electronic devices and let your child use them and get tuition over it and become smarter.

With the thought of downloading educational apps for kids, comes the thought that “which are the best ones among the ocean of apps that are available online” for both Android and iOS devices.

So parents, here is your guide for selecting the best app for your kids. There are some criteria for the selection of the right app for your child; let’s take a look at them:

  • Identify if the app is designed to actively engage your child.
  • Check the engagement level.
  • Check the content of the app, if it is teaching correct lessons or not.
  • Determine if the app promotes active learning outside the digital world or not.
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Let’s take a look at the 5 best educational apps for kids:

best educational apps for kids

1. ABC Mouse:

ABCmouse.com is available both as an app and a website. You can get it for iOS, Android, or the Amazon stores. This app teaches kids through fun-storyline videos, quizzes, and puzzles. It helps children to learn about many subjects like math, science, and arts.

It even has a virtual map that outlines the kid’s learning path to let parents know about their growth. This educational app is best for children under the 3 – 8 age group.

  • By: Age of Learning, Inc.
  • Playstore Rating: 3.9
  • Available: Free

Android OSiPhone iOS

Educational Apps for Students

2. Epic!:

Epic! is an app for kids with an e-book library that contains over 35,000 children’s books (and it includes a read-to-me feature for little ones who are still learning to read).

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You can try this amazing education app on your iOS or Android mobile and tablet devices. It is best for those kids who love stories and are under the age of 2 to 12 years.

  • By: Epic! Creations Inc
  • Playstore Rating: 4.6
  • Available: Free

Android OSiPhone iOS

educational app for kids

3. Khan Academy Kids:

Khan Academy Kids app offer 100s of games, books, videos, standard-aligned activities, grow math knowledge and helps kids boost social learning. Inspire a lifetime of learning and discovery, spark a love of reading & writing.

Khan Academy believes that everyone should and must have access to learning. Khan Academy Kids application is completely free. No ads, no subscriptions. Download the educational app for kids on any Android and iOS device for free.

  • By: Khan Academy
  • Play Store Rating: 4.5
  • Available: Free

Android OSiPhone iOS

free educational app for childrens

4. YouTube Kids:

It is one of the best educational apps for kids. It is free, simple to handle, and offers kids and family-friendly videos. YouTube for Kids app that screens video content and only shows what’s appropriate for kids.

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Your child can explore anything that comes into his/her mind over here. YouTube Kids offers educational videos and entertainment content for children 2 – 12 years of age.

You can download and try YouTube Kids educational applications for both Android and iOS mobile devices.

  • By: Google LLC
  • Playstore Rating: 4.3
  • Available: Free

Android OSiPhone iOS

free educational apps for kids

5. NSF Science Zone:

This app is created by the National Science Foundation. It is totally built for tablet users only to showcase advanced science, engineering news images, and videos for children.

The content is also produced by the National Science Foundation or gathered from scientists and universities around the world. Kids who are interested in science and facts can opt for this app.

Children aged 10 or more can use this app. You can download this amazing science education application and try it on any iOS or Android mobile device.

  • By: National Science Foundation
  • Playstore Rating: 4.5
  • Available: Free

Android OSiPhone iOS

best educational apps for kids

6. Play and Learn Science:

This app encourages your child to play problem-solving & science games. PBS’s aim is to help kids to improve skills to succeed in their life. To play all of the fun games on you’ll need to download and install the latest version app.

Play educational games, with the PBS KIDS app and find activities like coloring, drawing, and more. Play and Learn Science app is research-based and vetted by educators.

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You can download the PBS Kids app for Android mobile phones from Google Play Store and for IOS devices through Apple App Store for absolutely free.

  • By: PBS Kids
  • Playstore Rating: 4.0
  • Available: Free

Android OSiPhone iOS

learning apps for 2 year olds

7. Duolingo:

Duolingo is another free educational apps for kids to keep their language skills sharp. If your kid is interested in learning foreign languages, then this is the best app for him/her. They can practice through audio, word identification, and oral exercises for over 30 languages.

The Duolingo app offers learners a variety of languages including Spanish, Dutch, Danish, French, German, Italian, Irish, and English. Children aged 13 or above can use this app.

So, parents try these apps according to your child’s interests, app’s beneficial qualities, and never regret their screen time.

  • By: Duolingo
  • Playstore Rating: 4.7
  • Available: Free

Android OSiPhone iOS

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