16 Best Free Learning & Study Apps for Kids & Students (2022)

With almost every sector going through a digital transformation in 2021, the educational sector has also undergone a thorough digital transformation.

Today, education is not limited to classrooms or institutions; with the advent of technology, education is digitalized and has been made accessible to almost everyone across the world.

As they say, the sky is the limit and so it is with education. There are no restrictions or limits on learning and educating ourselves or the children.

There are numerous math-solving, and English learning software available for children that make learning interesting as well as creative. Many educational apps are also available for free and offer a wide range of courses, study materials, and tutorials without any inconvenience.

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If you are looking for trustworthy and trending learning apps for your kids, then keep reading. It is a pretty daunting task to choose the best educational app as there are too many of them on the market. But to make your task easier, we have enlisted the best learning apps for kids below.

Here are some best free & paid learning apps for kids in 2022:

best learning apps for kids

1) Khan Academy:

Khan Academy is a leading educational and learning app for kids that has managed to become increasingly popular in recent years across the world. The app offers courses on maths, science, and economics to name a few.

It is suitable for students between 2-18 years of age. With amazing services and commendable features, there’s no chance of missing out on Khan Academy.

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learning apps for kids

2) Byju’s:

Byju has been around for a long time and it is one of the most popular learning apps in the country. It is one of the best online teaching apps, that offers interactive and creative content or study materials for the course.

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It offers video tutorials, study materials for competitive exams as well as other courses. It is the perfect learning app to go for children between 5-17 years. It is available on both Android and iOS devices.

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Learning Apps for Students

3) Classdojo:

Classdojo is another amazing study and educational app for kids that allow students as well as teachers to interact via engaging content. You can interact with teachers and share knowledge with ease.

Moreover, the app allows mentors and teachers to keep a track of their child’s progress in learning. The app offers content in video, audio, and image formats. The app also helps in creating a portfolio for each student. It is also available on Android and iOS devices.

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best free learning apps for kids

4) ABCmouse.com:

ABCmouse.com is a kid’s learning app developed simply for pre-schoolers. It has a well-designed curriculum and is the right choice for younger children.

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The app uses interactive videos, quizzes, and games to help kids learn the basics of maths, science as well as art. It is available on multiple platforms and devices. It is a great substitute for a preschool, allowing the children to keep a track of their child’s progress.

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learning apps for Kids

5) Coursera:

Coursera is a popular free learning app for children as well as adults. It provides numerous courses in maths, science, and technology to name a few. It is a top-rated app that has content available in both video formats and textual assignments.

You will get a certificate after completing the course and choose any course you want to do without any inconvenience. It is available on both iOS and Android devices.

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Best Learning Apps for Kids

6) Udemy:

Udemy is another popular educational app for kids that offers diverse courses, topics, and study materials on the same. You can also have access to courses on public speaking, video editing, graphics, programming, and even marketing.

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You can also get admitted into specialized courses in art, maths, and coding. It is suitable for all age groups and is available on both Android and iOS devices.

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Top Study Apps

7) Vedantu:

Vedantu is another top-rated educational application designed for kids. The app creates interactive and engaging content in video, audio, quiz, and textual formats.

The app helps students to prepare for competitive exams and the student understanding. It is the best learning app for students between the age of 5-17 and is available on both Android as well as iOS devices.

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Top Study Apps for children

8) Toppr:

Toppr is a popular educational and learning app for children as well as teens. The app will help students to prepare for competitive exams and uses adaptive practice allowing personal customization of the course.

Toppr is one of the best learning apps for kids in the 5th to 12th class. Toppr solves your child’s doubts within minutes through a community of 35,000 tutors.

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Now your child doesn’t need to wait to ask doubts anymore. No matter when or where the doubt comes up, Toppr’s tutors are just a chat away.

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Quiz Apps for kids

9) Quizlet:

Quizlet is another top learning app for children that uses a self-directed study method and is an important application that improves the learning skills of high schoolers. Download the app and learn anything with Quizlet.

It is an effective app allowing teachers as well as students to create flashcards, use quizzes, etc to learn. You can learn a diverse range of languages and enhance your learning skills as a student.

Learn with flashcards, games & study tools. Browse millions of flashcard sets or build your own.
Use fun games & activities to study. Test your knowledge with practice exams.

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online learning application

10) DuoLingo:

DuoLingo is another popular online learning application that allows children to learn diverse languages and have access to courses on the same. Learn a new language on the go through engaging minigames that test your reading, writing, and speaking skills.

It has an intuitive interface and uses a game-based learning approach to enhance the understanding of the students. Kids can learn new languages with ease. The app is also available on both, Android and iOS devices.

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With the Duolingo app, you can complete yourself or with your friends to get high scores that keep you inspired. Easily check your progress across any Android device and share the results as you learn up to 9 different languages and more than 50 games.

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free online learning app

11) Kahoot! Numbers by DragonBox:

Kahoot! Numbers by DragonBox is quite popular among online learning apps for kids that are designed to help students learn maths with ease. The app makes mathematics an easy or simple subject by aiding them to grasp fundamentals without inconvenience.

It is easy & perfect for children and grown-ups, they don’t even realize that they are doing maths it’s a great combination of Algebra and gameplay.

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The parents will also have access to community support to meet the kid’s learning needs. It is available on Android, iOS, and Windows Phone devices.

DragonBox Algebra for 5+ and 12+ is very user-friendly and addictive you can learn difficult Algebra at your own pace. Overall it’s a super fun, awesome approach to learning and practicing mathematics.

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Math Apps for Kids

12) PhotoMath:

Photomath is the best educational app for students with interactive content on mathematics. It also helps children in solving complex maths problems and provides kids with solutions.

You can use your camera to capture the equations and there you go with the explanation! It is suitable for children between 13-17 years of age.

Get unstuck at any step just download the app and scan to solve any math equations. Learn with animated tutorials with the amazing PhotoMath mobile app.

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free study mobile applications

13) Youtube Kids:

YouTube Kids is one of the great learning apps for kids that are designed to curate and develop engaging content for children. The content is in image, video, animation, and cartoon formats. Watch all kinds of videos for all kinds of kids.

The app also helps in improving the children’s understanding of a subject. The app is perfect for children between 3-13 years of age. It is available on both, iOS and Android devices. An app made just for kids.

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reading applications for children's

14) Shaw Academy:

Another learning app that helps students to improve their skills and work on the same with ease is Shaw Academy. It is an amazing online teaching app that offers great courses on diverse subjects.

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The app is designed for students above 12 years of age and is similar to Udemy. It is a trending digital learning app in 2021 and is worth a try.

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best free learning apps for 3 year olds

15) Hungry Caterpillar Play School:

Hungry Caterpillar Play School is one of the best apps for preschoolers aged 2 to 6. Here the child can learn reading, writing, numbers, creative arts, etc.

The app gives a world of wonder and learning an opportunity to explore your creativity. Learn to read and write, numbers, count, and maths the preschool learning at home.

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pre k learning apps

16) Busy Shapes:

Busy Shapes is a great learning app that uses self-directed and hands-on learning experiences/methods like that of a Montessori.

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It is the perfect app to go to for young children and is developed to help students learn as well as use logic and reasoning skills. It is the right one for infants, toddlers, and young children.

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