10 Best Learning Apps for Teenagers in India (2022)

The modern educational sector has witnessed an advanced technological upgrade which makes it possible for children across the country to have access to education with ease. To be able to educate yourselves and learn stuff, all you need is a mobile phone or any other similar device with an internet connection.

There are numerous platforms or educational applications that provide tutorials, study materials, and videos that will allow you to learn anything at any time. Children don’t need to bury their heads in books anymore. They can learn their favorite subject in one of the most creative ways.

Educational applications and websites come with a lot of features for children of all ages. There are a lot of educational applications that also let students give mock tests, quizzes, and games that only make learning a little more engaging.

Children will be able to learn in-depth and read a lot about their favorite subject anytime with ease. Thousands of learning apps also tend to focus on improving the classroom and studying experience.  If you are looking for a reliable educational app in India, then keep reading.

We have Enlisted the 10 Best Learning Apps in India below:

best learning app in India

1) Kiddopia:

Kiddopia is considered to be one of the best learning apps in India for the year 2022. This learning app will give your child the best and most fun learning experience possible. The app provides courses, materials, tutorials, and quizzes on a wide range of subjects including maths and English.

It is designed specifically for pre-schoolers and allows the children to learn while participating in fun activities. The app also lets kids learn by playing games, and puzzles. The app is available on both, Android as well as iOS devices.

Android OSiPhone iOS

Educational app for teens

2) Extramarks:

Extramarks is a fun educational application that is available on both, Android and iOS devices. The app is also designed for children of all age groups; including courses for both pre-schoolers and high schoolers.

The app has been around for more than a decade and is known to make learning processes fun. The app also provides study materials for entrance and competitive exams in India.

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The learning module is so effectively designed that your child is sure to have the best studying experience possible.

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best study app in India

3) Vedantu:

Another amazing educational application in India is Vedantu. It is considered to be an effective learning app designed for children of all age groups.

The app allows students to learn read and learn from diverse courses across the state. Students can learn, interact, and discover at once. The app is available on almost all platforms.

Students also have access to online teaching, tests, and quizzes that will make learning a little more fun. If you can spend a decent amount of bucks for authentic and effective learning then Vedantu is the educational app you must go for. And it is among the best learning apps in India

Android OSiPhone iOS

Free edu app for kids

4) Teach your Monster to Read:

Teach Your Monster to Read is an incredible educational application in India. This application is specifically designed to help children learn English with the help of fun games, and content.

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The children will be able to practice, read, and learn the English language in an effective way. From pronunciation to identifying letters, your kid can do it all with the help of this app.

If you are looking for an affordable app that will help your children learn English, then download the Teach Your Monster to Read app.

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Maths Learning App in India

5) King of Maths:

King of Maths is an educational application that turned a lot of heads due to its unique and fun approach to learning maths. There is no denying that many children have a hard time understanding and learning the subject-Maths.

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However, the King of Maths comes to your rescue. The app is determined to help your children learn the subject with the help of quizzes, games, and other types of puzzles.

This fun approach towards maths will drive away the fear of the subject from your kid’s minds and help them excel in the subject in an effective way.

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Science Learning Apps

6) NSF Science Zone:

If you are looking for an amazing educational application that will help your kids understand the concepts of science in a simple yet fun way then NSF Science Zone is the app you must download.

The app takes an engaging and innovative teaching approach to science. From 3D visuals to interesting videos, the students will fall in love with science. From astronomy to biology, you can learn it all from the NSF science zone.

  • By: National Science Foundation
  • Website: https://www.nsf.gov
  • Supporting OS: Android and iOS devices
  • Rating: 4.3

Android OS iPhone iOS

best coding learning app in India

7) WhiteHat Jr:

WhiteHat Jr is just the right educational application you must go for if your kids are interested in learning to code and becoming a developer. The app became popular due to the wide range of courses related to coding. And also gain the position as one of the best learning apps in India.

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Kids will have access to live online classes, along with study materials. There are 4 levels of courses ranging from beginner level to advance. The app is determined to help your kids learn coding in some of the most creative yet effective ways.

Android OS best learning app in india

best learning apps in India

8) Disney – Byju’s Early Learn:

You might be living under a rock if you haven’t heard about the early learn Byju’s Disney educational app. The app is specifically designed for early learning and provides relevant content.

The children will have access to creative online classes and teaching methods that only make learning a little more engaging. The parents can track the progress of their kids with ease. Byju is known as one of the best learning apps in India

  • By: Byju’s
  • Website: https://byjus.com
  • Supporting OS: Android and iOS devices
  • Rating: 4.4

Android OS best learning apps in india

Free Edu Apps for Android

9) QuickMath Solver:

QuickMath Solver is another amazing educational application that makes learning and studying maths easier. The app takes a unique approach to learning equations and mathematical problems.

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The app is best for students who are in grades 2 to 6, as they come with a wide range of relevant content. Make learning maths easier by downloading the QuickMath app.

Android OS

Free Edu Apps for iPhone

10) Scratch Jr:

If you are looking for a free coding app for young kids, then download Scratch Jr. The app will give your kid the extra push and make learning coding fun as well as simple.

The interactive interface will make learning; analyzing and designing a program seem easier. From problem-solving to implementing a program, you can do it all with the help of Scratch Jr. It is available on both, Android and iOS devices.

Android iPhone iOS

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