8 Best English Learning Apps to Help You Learn English (2022)

English has been the most important skill in the 21st century. Rather than a language, English is now considered a skill. Isn’t it? We have started judging a person’s ability based on their fluency in speaking English.

Fortunately or unfortunately, it is true. No wonder. We struggle every day with so many problems, one such big thing is our career. But finding the right job without English is nearly impossible. So, today to make it easy for you, we have come up with the 8 best apps to Learn English speaking for kids and adults.

These English learning apps will not only help you learn the English language but also keeps you confident enough to speak. No waiting let us talk more about the best apps to learn English. If you want you can also download English learning software for Windows PC.

8 Best English Learning Apps for Android:

Best English Learning Apps

1. Hello Talk:

Hello Talk is something you will fall in love with. Learning the English language is not easy unless you practice what you learn. But somehow we hesitate to talk to our friends and colleagues when we are in practice.

However, talking in real-time with people is more than essential. So Hello Talk offers you a platform to talk with people all over the world in real-time. With 4.8 ratings and 30+ million downloads Hello Talk is the top app in the app store.

You can find language partners, chat with native speakers, share moments with others, and learn more than 50 languages with courses. Download the Hello Talk application for Android & iPhone for free.

App Details:

Android OSiPhone iOS

2. BBC Learning English:

Learning English is not an overnight process. To learn the English language you need to learn new vocabulary and improve your pronunciation.

BBC Learning English app is available on the play store. This app will offer you structural learning. Since they have recently updated their app with subtitles to their videos, it is far easier than it was.

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The BBC app allows you to download audio programs and listen to them offline at your convenience. Listen to a program then listen again whilst reading the transcript.

Test yourself with the English quizzes, all of your favorite programs, and presenters and you can even use My Learning to follow your favorite series.

App Details:

Android OSiPhone iOS

3. Hello English:

If you are a beginner and looking to learn English from the basics, then Hello English is for you. It has over 22 different languages to choose from and has beginner, intermediate and advanced levels of learning.

This app helps you to learn the English language for free from more than 20 different languages. It provides you the easiest way to write and speak English with audio-visual lessons, interactive, 100% offline, and speak & learn through voice recognition.

This app has fun games for reading, writing, & speaking, and an audio dictionary with 10,000 English words. With the ranks and levels in this app, you will stay motivated to learn.

App Details:

Android OSiPhone iOS

4. Memrise:

Memrise is a highly rated English learning app available in the play store. It has a wide platform with thousands of courses to learn the language, grammar, and vocabulary. Since users can create courses, you can choose based on the way you want to learn English.

It has got many options like pickup useful everyday phrases, improving your listening skills, practicing speaking like a local, watching native speaker videos, ace seeing where you rank.

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Connect with more than 50 million users and start learning with Memrise, have fun and immerse in videos of real, learn to speak over 20 languages, and start your journey to speaking like a local.

App Details:

Android OSiPhone iOS

5. Duolingo:

Duolingo is the most used app for English learning. It is designed with a fun learning concept. More than an app, Duolingo acts like a game. So learning with Duolingo is addictive.

Duolingo is an award-winning app that provides helpful learning tips, and helps you learn a new language fast, quick, with fun and small lessons that work, hear and speak the language, and learn new words daily to improve your vocabulary.

You will find the motivation to learn as they have points to unlock each level which will boost your vision to learn. Duolingo mobile application is available for Android, and iOS devices for free.

App Details:

Android OSiPhone iOS

6 FluentU:

FluentU has come up with a different approach to make learning easy. In this app, you will be redirected to some online youtube English learning classes to hear and understand better. However, it is not limited to English, it has many other language learning courses too.

FluentU comes up with a new idea to learn a language by watching actual video material such as music videos, trailers, breaking news, and motivational presentations.

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It allows viewers to learn with amusing movies demonstrating the richness and vibrancy of various cultures by providing interesting and immersive information.

App Details:

Android OSiPhone iOS

7. Grammarly:

Grammarly, you may have seen or heard of it many times from peer groups or advertisements. If you have not installed it on your PC and mobile, then you are missing out on the best way to learn English.

You may be wondering why I am so much in love with Grammarly, but I would rate it as one of the most amazing among the 8 best apps to learn the English language.

Here is why? Grammarly is a highly recommended app to correct grammatical mistakes. It highlights grammar mistakes along with explanations that make learning easy. It works like an autocorrect but way more than that. Thank me later.

App Details:

Android OSiPhone iOS

8) Vocab24:

Vocab24 is another amazing bank exam preparation app you must try. It will give you access to all kinds of study materials, articles, and videos that will help you prepare for these competitive exams in a better way.

You can also answer daily quizzes, and improve your language speaking skills. You can study for more than 15 bank exams on a single platform. There are also study materials and grammar videos that will also improve your vocabulary.

App Details:

Android OS

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