Games for Kids: List of Indoor and Outdoor Games for Kids to Play

Kids are the only ones who always enjoy playing games. They always love to explore and play new games. Kids need to play both indoor and outdoor games.

And nowadays we can see many games that we can download on our mobile devices and play. Here we brought the best games for kids to play out as well as on their mobile devices.

We need to play outdoor games for our physical fitness. And some mobile games are just designed for kids’ fun and to improve their IQ.

Here we brought you a set of games both outdoor and indoor (device) games for your kids to play. We are sure they would love to play.

Games for Kids

Indoor Games for Kids:

1. Lego Life:

Lego Life is a new Android app game, especially for your kids. In this game you can build your island complete with a mini-figure living, defending, and rebuilding it.

The main aim of this game is to build an Island. You can also build other Islands other than the main Island. You need to check your Island is protected. In this game, you can earn new bricks to build bigger things.

It is a fun and easy-build Island you can rotate and zoom your display and view. It is designed with 3D view play. More features will be enabled as you earn points and create Islands. Lego Life game is suitable for 6 to 12 years kids.

App Details:


2. Fruit Ninja:

It is a super powerful and greatest fruit-slicing game in the world. You will be the perfect ninja man to slice down the fruits. Where this game will have the fruits in the air where you need to slice the fruits down and earn points.

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And then you need to know not to slice down bombs in place of fruits or else you will be out, this is a fun and beginner game for kids who love to play.

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3. Let Me Out:

Let me out is my favorite game which I love to play even today. This is an IQ-improving game that I suggest for kids to play for sure.

This is a game where all blocks are arranged and there will be the main block which you should let out in the required turns you take up. You will be provided many levels of games to play in this game.

This helps to improve our thinking ability. This game is available on the play store. You can download it for free. Let me out the game is suitable for car lovers and puzzle solvers of any age.

App Details:

  • By: Gaga Games
  • Rating: 4.1
  • Download: Over 10k
  • License: Free


4. Rolly Vortex:

Rolly Vortex is a game where you have the ball and you need to move forward by passing through obstacles coming on your way. You need to keep in check that your ball doesn’t hit those obstacles.

This game has different types of levels and types provided. You can also unlock the new balls and choose them to play with. This game is stress relief and improves your levels of concentration.

This game is wonderful to play and you will enjoy playing this on your Android device. Rolly Vortex game is suitable for 3 years and above kids.

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5. Spaceteam:

If you have gatherings with many kids with devices, then space team is the best party game for kids. You can keep the kids engaged with this amazing game. We are sure kids will enjoy this game and shout productively with a lot of excitement.

This game revolves around a concept where a ship will be trying to outrun an exploding star and a sadist will be having the control panel. Just like in star trek, the controls may be with someone else.

So kids will be exciting shouting “turn on the danger shutter” while they need to figure out if their screen has a spectrobolt. This is a truly fun and amazing game to keep the kids engaged.

If you ask my opinion, when you are organizing a kid’s party, if you make them play this game you will remain their favorite. Spaceteam game is also suitable for 3 years and above kids.

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Oudoor Games for Kids

Outdoor Games for Kids:

1. Hide and Seek: Outdoor Game for Kids:

Remember we played this fun game during our childhood. Where groups of players get together and one person will be a dinner who closes his eyes and counts to a certain number.

Meanwhile, other players go and hide in different places, and then the dinner must come and find them out. This is a fun game your kids will love to play.

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2. Hopscotch: 

Hopscotch is a fun and entertaining game to play. In this game, you need to draw boxes where you will need to use both legs and jump in the boxes.

Where you should start from the first box and enter the last box without placing your leg on any line drawn during the complete game process.

3. Simon Says:

Simon says you to “dance for me” then the other player must do according to the orders Simon. In this complete game, one person will be Simon.

If Simon fails to use the word “Simon says” before saying any sentence, then the other player will take up the place of Simon. This is a fun and mind-play game. You will enjoy playing this amazingly fun game.

4. Blind Man’s Bluff:

Blind man’s bluff is a creative fun game where a group of players comes together and one player will be blindfolded and other players revolve around that player and deviate or disturb him from his play by making sounds.

If the blindfolded player touches any other player then that player would take up blindfolds for the next round. This is a fun game that lasts long in amazement in every part of the play. This is one super cool game for kids.

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5. Freeze Dance:

Freeze dance is a fun game where there will be a Simon who orders other players what to do in the gameplay. Where when Simon says you to “freeze” you must freeze and not be supposed to do any other task.

When Simon says you to “Dance” then you are supposed to dance without stopping. This is a funny Simon play where you’d love to play more.

So yeah, we have given you the list of Games for kids both indoor and outdoor. Each of them is unique and exciting. Comment and let us know which is yours and your kid’s favorite.

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