10 Most Expensive CPC Keywords of Google Ads and Adsense

Insurance“Car Insurance” or “Auto Insurance”
Loans“Home Loans” and “Payday Loans”
Trading“Online Trading” and “Stock Trading”
Lawyer“Personal Injury Lawyer” and ” DUI Lawyer”
Degree“Online Degrees” and “Bachelors Degree Online”
Hosting“Hosting Packages” ” Web Hosting”
Claim“Injury Claim” and “Accident Claims”
Conference Call“Conference Call Service” and “Toll-Free Conference Call”
Recovery“Data Recovery” and “Hard Disc Recovery”
Treatment“Cancer Treatment Options” and “Drug Treatment “

Highest CPC

Google’s Highest CPC Keywords:

1. Survey:

More than 80% of Google Inc revenue comes from ads on Google websites from the last year Google brought in $140 billion in total ads revenue.

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2. CPC Cost:

Google Ads CPC is an auction-based marketplace where advertisers bid on certain keywords to compete for immediate top ad placement in Google search and display networks. The minimum bid is 5 cents per keyword is highly competitive categories Google Ads can make up to $50 per click.

3. Categories:

The ads categories with the highest volumes and highest CPC represent businesses with very high customer value and these industries and companies can easily afford to spend a lot to acquire a new customer or for new sales. Google’s highest CPC (cost per click) keywords such as lawyers, mortgage, and web hosting.

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4. Keyword Tool:

The Google Ads high-quality scores maybe help you to lower your Google CPC. Many tools such as keyword niche finder, keyword suggestion tool, and keyword grouper to break up the number of keyword lists into more targeted lists can help you to write much targeted and relevant ad text for your landing pages.

5. Niche Keywords:

And be specific while selecting and targeting your niche keywords 3 to 4 phrase keywords is very useful for AdSense. Use a Google keyword planner to generate more specific and useful keywords and use keywords that match your criteria and specifications to your services, products, or business.

6. Negative Keywords:

Use negative keywords which can help you to reach the most serious and interested customers, it may reduce your costs and increase your (ROI) return on investment.

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