7 Best Live Streaming Apps for Android & iPhone

Gone are the days when you had to worry about sharing your memorable experiences with your loved ones, there are several apps and platforms that allow you to live stream any moment of your life with ease.

Live streaming platforms can be defined as video hosting platform that allows the users to upload live videos or broadcast in real-time. These platforms also allow you to connect with your audience and customers through these live streams.

You can go live from your phone or any other device anytime. You can reach out to hundreds and even millions of people at once. Livestreaming platforms don’t need introductions, as they are pretty popular already.

You can broadcast live streams with your smartphone with ease, and allow the video publishers to have access to your live content. These platforms will help you build a loyal audience, and reach out to the maximum number of people easily.

Live streaming sites are no less than a boon for content creators, YouTubers, social video makers, and even Gamers. There are a number of live-streaming platforms available in the market, each suits a different set of requirements and features. Here are 7 best live streaming apps you must try in 2021:

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7 Best Mobile Live Streaming Apps of 2022:

YouTube Live Streaming App

1) YouTube Live:

With more than 2 billion viewers on YouTube, the YouTube Live option is a pretty great option to broadcast yourself online. More than 90% of users binge-watch videos on YouTube on a daily basis, half of these are millennials.

YouTube Live will allow you to reach out to a wider range of global audiences and boost your viewership. You can also analyze the performance of your channel via the in-built analysis tools provided by YouTube.

Moreover, you can monetize your streams and videos as per your choice! YouTube is available on both, android and iOS devices. It is available across the world for free and allows you to live stream from anywhere in the world.

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You can broadcast yourself, watch your favorite streamers or browse through the list of popular streams to stay entertained. You can share your live broadcast on various social networking sites.

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best live streaming apps for android

2) Livestream:

Livestream app is available on iOS and Android devices and is considered to be one of the most popular live-streaming platforms with some of the best features.

It will help you broadcast your live stream to a larger audience, and also allow you to watch other popular streams on this platform.

You can also link your Livestream channel to different social networking sites and share your broadcast with your loved ones too! You can save, edit and even upload the video on the platform anytime.

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Faceboo Live Streaming App

3) Facebook Live:

Facebook might be a little old for Gen Z but then did you know Facebook allows you to broadcast your Livestream as well? Facebook Live was launched in the year 2016 and since then the live streaming platform has gained immense popularity.

It has more than 2 billion viewers that belong to all ages. You can reach out to a wider range of global audiences, and boost your audience that disguise as a boon for video or content creators.

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You can also monetize your videos, and analyze your viewership by the analysis tools provided by the platform itself. If you are looking for a reliable streaming platform, then Facebook Live might be one of the best choices to go for!

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free live streaming platform

4) Instagram Live:

There is no denying that one of the most powerful social networking platforms in the modern-day world is Instagram. Instagram Live is another powerful platform to broadcast live streams or go live quickly and easily.

There are several features that will make your video fun as well as boost your audience or viewership. You can also analyze your viewership or audience via the analysis tools provided by Instagram.

Using Instagram you can monetize your live video and reach out to a bigger global audience. You can invite your friends and family to watch your live video.

You can connect with your audience through the chat option or even block offensive comments or haters. If you are looking for a modern live streaming platform then Instagram Live is the best option to go for.

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top live streaming apps

5) Broadcast Me:

Broadcast Me is also one of the best live streaming apps that is available on every android operating device. The popular app Broadcast Me makes it easier to broadcast your live stream.

You even share your video on various social networking platforms such as Twitter, YouTube, or even Facebook. You can gain lifetime access to this app at an affordable rate.

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It has a simple interface and is a pretty user-friendly live streaming platform. You can also link your contacts with the application and your friends or family will get notified if you live.

You can also share your live stream without any inconvenience. You can broadcast HD quality streams which allow you to connect with your audience easily.

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best live streaming apps for gaming

6) Twitch TV:

If you are living in the US then must have heard about the popular live gaming platform- Twitch. More than 10 million streamers use this platform on a monthly basis and are the fourth most popular internet platform in the United States of America.

You can stream games through any of your gadgets, and then even edit as well as connect with your audience during these live streams. You can reach out to a wider audience from across the world.

An amazing live streaming platform introduced by Twitch Interactive, Inc. has unique features and promises to broadcast live streams with ease. This one is another app on the list you can try.

Sign-up for free, and broadcast your gaming, editorial live streams along with other videos. You can some cheers and then give them to your favorite streamer to show your support.

  • By: Twitch Interactive, Inc.
  • Website: https://www.twitch.tv
  • Play Store Rating: 4.3
  • License: Free

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7) Streamlabs:

Streamlabs is one of the top-rated live streaming apps available in the app store. You can play and stream mobile games with ease. Multistream to all major platforms, and get customize the mobile themes.

There is a premium version of the platform that comes with numerous features. You have to sign up once and then link your social networking sites with the platform. This will let you broadcast into a streaming platform like Facebook, or Twitter.

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If you want a decent application for your live stream, then you can download and install Streamlab now. It is a one-stop solution for all your streaming needs.

Moreover, it has multistream features that allow you to connect with multiple platforms at the same time. You can also use the chat feature to interact with your audience, and save your live broadcast as well.

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